Want a Happier Marriage? Practice the Power of Positivity

Want a Happier Marriage
One of the most often asked questions I get related to relationships is, “What are key ingredients that make up a successful relationship?” The answer sounds simple but it’s definitely not always easy. I don’t think anyone really believes there is a magic wand or secret formula. Relationships can be complicated. However, there are two words that… Read More

All the Ways Christians Are Observing Lent This Year

Giving up caffeine or Facebook for Lent is so 2015. These days, a hot trend for the 40-day pre-Easter period of reflection and repentance involves caring for God’s creation. Following the example of the Church of England, which encouraged members to give up single-use plastics during Lent last year, many American churches now recommend “fasting” from commonly discarded items such… Read More

What Is Lent and How Should I Observe It?

I walked through my first Lent in 2004. I had been raised and later ministered in a church that didn’t observe Lent. This was all new to me. On Ash Wednesday, I entered a darkened worship space. The Rector (Senior Pastor) was seated up front. He was wearing all black. Everyone was silently praying. We stayed… Read More