A Life Without Regrets By Sunday Adelaja

" A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life" ... Charles Darwin

Life is so short. The day is so short. Even though we have twenty four hours a day, and we sleep at least for eight hours, we cook, we eat, bath, brush our teeth, wear clothes and spend time with family members for like another five to six hours, and we still have perhaps eight to ten hours left to ourselves.

If you can take out three to four hours a day and invest it into producing a product in a day that will be a very high caliber of productivity.

If producing a product, in a day is difficult for you, maybe you can start with a year, producing one concrete product per year. Then graduate to having two products in a year and then to three products in a year and four products in a year.
As you begin to grow and get better , you can then begin to produce one product each month.

If you could live such a life of producing one product every month, then you will become one of the most effective human beings on earth. It means that you can decide the results that each one of your passing days could produce.

When you can actually measure your day by how much time is converted into products, then you are a great force on the earth. When you can actually monitor your passing life and be in control and be in charge of your time and making sure that you are actually converting every passing day into something, then you will never regret it. That is how to live a life without regret.
If you don't monitor your life, you will regret it.

If you don't measure your life , you will regret it.

If you don't convert your time into products you will regret it.

If you don't multiply your life you will soon find out that your life is almost finished with nothing to show for it.

If you don't make your time count now, you will regret it later.

There are many people today in their 60's and 70's regretting how they wasted their lives and wishing that they invested it. They are wishing they could get their time back, but it's all gone.

If you don't want to regret your life later, then begin to invest your time, begin to measure your life.

Measure your life by the products and by the results you produce.

Measure your life by the value you've added.

Measure your life by how much of your time you converted.

Every man must choose what they want to do with their time to avoid regret in the future.

You have to choose what you want to do with your time, but if you desire to be great in life and live a life of no regret the number one thing you should do with time is to INVEST TIME.

There is employment when time is invested properly.

What is product?
Product is not only shoes, clothes or phone.

Products could be the values you added to yourself or to others.

Products could be in the form of perfecting your gifts and talents.

Products could be in the form of researching and experimenting in a particular field of medicine or engineering and gaining more knowledge in that area of life. \

Products could be in the form of books you've read or teaching you listen to via audio or video.

Products could be in the form of books you have written from the values you have added to yourself.

Products could be in the form of songs written and albums produced.

Products could be in form of scientific discoveries you have made. Products could be people, disciples and teams you've built. Whatever system of self improvement you practice to make you a better person could have regarded as the avenues with which you could produce products.

Products could be in the form of an improved character and virtue.
Extracted from  Sunday Adelaja's book titled (how to become a great through time conversion) by Pastor Olayinka Abraham Oluseyi

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