All churches sport festival

Centre for Biblical Survey and Theological Seminary (CBSTS) is an independent and interdenominational Biblical Research and Pastoral Training Institute. One of the roles of our organization is enhance unity in the Body of Christ.

To encourage unity in the Body of Christ, we have decided to facilitate educational opportunities, athletic excellence, promote physical fitness and sportsmanship, and also help our teenagers to stay off the streets. The medium we chose to create this environment is through  competitive Sports among various churches in the South West,(Marathon,Football, Table tennis,Bible games and indoor games).

As an organization that strives to improve the quality of lives of family in the society with an opportunity to learn, share the gospel, and experience the importance of teamwork.

The details is listed are below:

Marathon:  #3,000/contestant

Table Tennis: #2,500/contestant 

Football:  #15,000/team

Bible games: #2,000/contestant 

Indoor games: #2,000/contestant

Registration for participation is ongoing, fantastic cash prizes, scholarship offer, valuable gifts, awards and medals will be available for contestants.

Call the following numbers for assistance:

OYO: 0816 959 6228, 0803 081 8876, LAGOS: 0803 377 3561, 0802 981 6705

EKITI: 0806 267 2402, 0703 587 8776, OGUN: 0803 744 6838, 0803 227 3107

OSUN: 0803 426 2833, 0803 416 3680, ONDO: 0803 909 3935, 0803 367 5548

Office address; 42 Akin Allen avenue, oluyole sharp corner, beside moas filling station Ibadan.

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