Nick Hall: Putting Christ at the Pulse of the Next Generation

Nick Hall Putting Christ at the Pulse of the Next Generation
Nick Hall is founder and chief communicator for PULSE, an evangelistic movement that started with a paper he wrote for an English class at North Dakota State. Since founding PULSE he has become president and CEO of the Mission America Coalition and is part of the student advisory team for the Billy Graham Association. His passion… Read More

Soulfires: Evangelism for the Next Generation

When Jordan Whitmer was a junior in high school he dreamed of starting a movement of Christian students reaching other teenagers with stories of how Christ had changed their lives. He’s now the 20-year-old CEO of a growing nonprofit called #HowToLife that mobilizes young people across the country to hold student-led evangelistic events in their… Read More

The ‘Jerusalem of Asia’ Now Persecutes Christians Relentlessly

Everything freezes during the brutal North Korean winter season, and since most homes don’t have heat, families bury their food underground to keep it edible. It was in one of these small, rectangular holes that Choi Kwanghyuk’s underground church met. The small group of believers would quietly hum hymns in worship then study the book… Read More