Will the Multisite Model Stand the Test of Time?

Remember when Matt Chandler announced that The Village Church would be transitioning from several campuses to individual autonomous churches?  People were shocked. What would cause a growing and successful mega church to end its era of multisite? Was this a new trend that we were seeing? Was this the “beginning of the end” of the… Read More

Church Planters Are Stewards, Not Owners

Follow Us In the early 2000s, J. G. Wentworth released a television commercial in which various people yelled from their window: “It’s my money, and I need it now!” The commercial ends with the company’s mascot, Mr. Wentworth, saying: “It’s your money; use it when you need it.” Many consider the commercial cheesy. Nevertheless,… Read More

What Every Leader Should Know About Time Management, ASAP

time management
“What captures your attention controls your life,” says Karen Anderson, an award-winning journalist and writer for the Harvard Business Review. I believe she’s right. The only problem is, the things that often capture my attention, well, they’re not things that I want controlling my life. For many of us, what controls our life is buried… Read More

5 Lessons Church Leaders Can Learn From The “All-Day Breakfast” Trend

In October 2015, McDonald’s made a significant change to its menu that made a huge difference to its bottom line and market reach. That month they added all-day breakfast to their offerings, and in many ways it ended up changing the course of history for this corporation. For years, insiders had been saying that all-day… Read More