Discover the 5 LOVE Languages of Pastors

With apologies to Gary Chapman for playing on his well-known “Five Love Languages” theme, I asked 24 pastors how a church member might speak to each pastor in his own love language. And though 24 people do not constitute a massive survey, I was amazed at the consistency of the responses. To fit the theme of five,… Read More

4 Things That Caused the Early Church to Spread Like Wildfire

The opening pages of the book of Acts show us the church God used to launch the movement that we call Christianity. On their opening Sunday, 3,000 people came to faith in Jesus Christ. At their second public gathering, over 5,000 were added to their number. Historians and scholars go on to tell us that within six months… Read More

5 Crucial Steps for Effective Change in Destructive Marriages

5 Crucial Steps for Effective Change in Destructive Marriages
Last month I wrote an article about superficial apologies, when “I’m sorry” is not the end of rebuilding a shattered marriage but only the beginning of genuine change. But what does that change look like in real life? Jesus told his own disciples that their spirits were willing, but their flesh was weak. No one… Read More

The Oxygen That Sustains Our Evangelism

“Secure your own oxygen mask first before assisting other passengers.” This directive is familiar to anyone who has traveled in recent years on a commercial airplane. In the event of an emergency (“a sudden loss of cabin pressure”), we’re told that an oxygen mask would descend from the plane’s ceiling for each person. Naturally, in… Read More