Why We Need a Theology of Technology

Earlier this month, Judah Smith announced the launch of Churchome Global. The newest location of his multisite megachurch is the phone in your pocket. Unlike traditional church apps offering messages and information, Churchome Global features tabs for forming online community groups, giving to global causes and meeting others pre-service in a virtual lobby. With the… Read More

Evernote for Pastors, Church Offices, and Ministry Teams

Follow us Before computers became integrated with our lives, the big office complaint was about paper. A good deal of our communication and information storage involved paper. How to store that information, share that information, and avoid being buried in that information was a daily challenge. I know—it still is. While we might deal… Read More

3 Church Communication Lessons

A few members of the Church Fuel team attended the That Church Conference this week, which is a communications and marketing conference specifically for churches. It’s hosted in the Atlanta area and brings in speakers from all over the country (and attendees from all over the world—like Singapore and Poland this year) who are passionate about helping churches navigate… Read More