Christians ‘Sing Hallelujah to the Lord’, Join Hong Kong Protests

Protesters sing after a march against an extradition bill outside Legislative Council in Hong Kong on Sunday, June 16, 2019. Hong Kong residents Sunday continued their massive protest over an unpopular extradition bill that has highlighted the territory's apprehension about relations with mainland China, a week after the crisis brought as many as 1 million… Read More

Illinois Lawmakers Banned from Communion Over New Abortion Law

Thomas Paprocki, Bishop of Springfield, Illinois, has banned Illinois Senate President John Cullerton and Speaker of the House Michael Madigan from taking Holy Communion. According to Paprocki,  because the men have been instrumental in pushing Illinois’ new abortion legislation, they cannot be in good standing with the Catholic church and therefore must be banned from… Read More

Trump and Robertson: Extreme Abortion Bills Won’t Win

Amid the reactions to Alabama’s new restrictive abortion law were fears from some conservatives that the state has overstepped. Televangelist Pat Robertson, a longtime abortion opponent, made headlines last week for saying Alabama “has gone too far.” Even before Governor Kay Ivey signed the controversial bill into law, Robertson called it “extreme.” During The 700 Club, Robertson said, “They want to challenge Roe v.… Read More

The ‘Jerusalem of Asia’ Now Persecutes Christians Relentlessly

Everything freezes during the brutal North Korean winter season, and since most homes don’t have heat, families bury their food underground to keep it edible. It was in one of these small, rectangular holes that Choi Kwanghyuk’s underground church met. The small group of believers would quietly hum hymns in worship then study the book… Read More