The ‘Jerusalem of Asia’ Now Persecutes Christians Relentlessly

Everything freezes during the brutal North Korean winter season, and since most homes don’t have heat, families bury their food underground to keep it edible. It was in one of these small, rectangular holes that Choi Kwanghyuk’s underground church met. The small group of believers would quietly hum hymns in worship then study the book… Read More

Women Suffer More, Says New Report on Christian Persecution

Open Doors, an organization that supports persecuted Christians throughout the world, has released a study evaluating the similarities and differences in how Christian men and women are persecuted. The researchers have found that persecution is gender specific and that, overall, women experience a greater degree and complexity of persecution than men do. “The experiences of religious… Read More

New Report: Church Paid People to Pretend God Healed Them

South African news channel SABC1 has done an investigative report on Pastor Alph Lukau and Alleluia Ministries International (AMI), the church where a man named “Elliot” was allegedly raised from the dead on February 24th, 2019. Although the incident has gone viral, with many mocking it, many others still believe in Lukau’s integrity and that the “miracle”… Read More

Egypt Approves 156 New Churches While Failing to Protect Christians

The Egyptian government just announced that it has approved 156 new churches and affiliated buildings for use in the country. This is means there are now 783 church buildings where Christians can legally meet. Despite this news, many believe that the government is paying lip service to the rights of Christians while doing little to actually defend… Read More

All the Ways Christians Are Observing Lent This Year

Giving up caffeine or Facebook for Lent is so 2015. These days, a hot trend for the 40-day pre-Easter period of reflection and repentance involves caring for God’s creation. Following the example of the Church of England, which encouraged members to give up single-use plastics during Lent last year, many American churches now recommend “fasting” from commonly discarded items such… Read More

United Methodists Vote: No Same-Sex Weddings, No Gay Clergy

Top leaders and representatives of United Methodist Churches around the world are meeting in St. Louis this week to put to rest a debate that has been occupying much time and resources and has already prompted some churches to leave the denomination. Preliminary voting in the Legislative Committee today indicates the denomination will adopt the Traditional… Read More

40 Years Later, Iran’s Islamic Revolution Feels Threatened by House Churches

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians flooded streets nationwide on Monday, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.Current Issue Not present were dozens of Christians with no freedom of movement. “For 40 years, the Iranian government has harbored an intolerant view towards Christianity,” said Mansour Borji, advocacy director at Article18, a Christian human… Read More