Should I Marry Him?

William Law lived in a time (the eighteenth century) and place (England) where he believed a superficial and misguided education usually made young people worse rather than better. Young boys, he said, were fired with ambition and selfishness, trying to make a name by establishing themselves as better than others, which, of course, is the opposite of Christian… Read More

How Your Family of Origin Impacts Your Marriage Now

Follow us on Facebook The term family of origin is familiar to some but many not everyone. Everyone should have an understanding of it, being that in the realm of emotional and relationship health, it’s critical. Therapists probably have slightly different interpretations of the meaning and process. Here is my definition:“Family of origin… Read More

How to plant your church without losing your spouse: Pay attention

If we are discussing “How to plant your church without losing your spouse,” the most significant counsel I would give planters is to pay attention to her. Which, quite frankly, sounds so very basic, doable and most likely something you currently practice. Yet, I want to suggest that you pay attention to a… Read More