TEXT: Mathew 7:24-27INTRODUCTION:In our society there are four basic institutions: the state, the school, the church, and the home. Of these four, the home is of supreme importance.Life Living has a stage the most cruiser stage is marriage.The home has a profound influence on the state, school, and church whether it is Christian or unchristian.… Read More

Simple Words That Can Keep Relationship

So there’s a pretty stupid famous moment from the 1970 film Love Story where the lead actress says “love means never having to say your sorry.” I don’t recommend implementing this philosophy in your marriage. As anyone who has been married long knows, love not only means saying sorry, it means saying sorry repeatedly, sometimes multiple times a day. A… Read More

11 Habits that Build an Exhilarating Marriage

11-Habits- that-Build an Exhilarating Marriage
The truth is that every great accomplishment you’ve witnessed, whether in sports, the arts, or a great relationship, happened because of years of practice and discipline. Today’s post from Scott Kedersha is a great look at 11 habits that, over time, will make your marriage something great!In his previous article, He shared how we all must do… Read More