What Research Says About How Self-centeredness Grows in Us

According to research, the more isolated you are the more self-centered you are. And the more self-centered you are, the more likely you are to live isolated. University of Chicago Professor John Cacioppo led a ten-year study on self-centeredness using a scale he called the “Chronic Self Focus Scale.” He concluded that focusing on yourself causes you to feel more isolated… Read More

I Believe in a Relevant Church

The Relevant Church
Sometimes I feel like an anomaly. I was born at the tip of the Millennial generation and raised in broad evangelicalism. That puts me into a demographic that has statistically been defined by its disillusionment with organized religion, its discontent with an orthodoxy that lacks orthopraxy, its distrust of objective authority, and its doubtfulness of certainty. If… Read More

Are Your Best Days in Ministry Behind You?

If you’re human, and over 40, you’ve probably thought at least once, Are my best days behind me? (If you’re a pastor, you struggle with this just about every Monday morning!) I’m not suggesting you need to be middle-aged or old to wonder about this question. If you felt like your high school or college years were… Read More

Jesus on Entry Strategies

Jesus Entry Strategies
Every Church Planting Movement begins with a meaningful way to tell non-Christians about the good news of Jesus Christ. We call this an entry strategy. Where an entry strategy is absent, no matter how theologically sound the Gospel presentation, no matter how comprehensive the discipleship curriculum, no matter how robust the leadership training, no matter how sound… Read More