The #1 Reason the Best Leaders Get Things Done (When Others Don’t)

You probably have something exciting that you’ve been thinking about doing for a long time. A change you want to make in your church or organization. Or a personal side project or initiative you want to launch. No wonder…every leader has dreams, goals and hopes. The problem is you haven’t done anything about it…yet. And as a result,… Read More


The suicide death of a young pastor is being felt throughout the world. Andrew Stoecklein, lead pastor of Inland Hills Church in California, left behind his wife, Kayla, and three young sons. I am the father of three sons. I cannot look at a photo of the young family without getting tears in my eyes. Please Hear… Read More

10 Ways to Pray More

Most of us struggle with having a consistent prayer life. If you struggle, too, here are some simple options to pray more: Establish a focus for each day’s prayer. For example, you might use today to pray for your family, followed by praying for neighbors tomorrow. Don’t wonder what you’ll pray about each day—plan for it.… Read More

Should We Allow Dating among the Youth  in Church?

Frustration and emotional stress have always cause headache of heart as regard choosing spouse or relationship matters in the Church. Youth are usually the victim of the circumstance. However, it is usually applicable to those who are instrumental in the church. They usually encounter stress of an impulsive decision from the religious leader. In other… Read More

Preparation: An Absolute Must For A Lasting Success. Part 2

(Luke: 19.; Habakkuk :2:1-10) I will continue my discuss about preparation stated last week Preparation is a root of success in which other tools that enhances its sustainability often becomes the branches. Consequently, 2Chronicles chapter twenty seven explained explicitly the achievement of King Jotham in Judah. It was clearly understandable that those successes he achieved… Read More