3 Things Christians Can Learn From West Africa’s Historic Mud Mosques

Winding through narrow passages between cinder-block homes, I finally emerged into a clearing. There, standing before me, were the white-washed walls of Ghana’s ancient Larabanga Mosque. It shined brilliantly in the sun, and its two minarets towered up toward the blue sky. I had never seen a structure quite like it. The Larabanga Mosque is… Read More

Activating Everyday Missionaries in Your Church

Exponential 2019 is less than three months away. We’re looking forward to unpacking our 2019 theme, “Made for More: Mobilizing God’s People, God’s Way.” This is the first time our theme has focused on a book of the Bible—one chapter in Ephesians for each critical paradigm shift. We believe these six shifts have the potential to… Read More

The (Hidden) Theology and History of O Come, O Come Emmanuel

If anyone had a side hustle or a gig, it was the Anglican priest and hymn writer, John Mason Neale. Neale (1818-1866) not only founded a nursing order of Anglican nuns, helped social welfare organizations care for orphans and young woman, and was a warden of Sackville college, but he translated early and medieval Greek and Latin hymns… Read More

Do the Gospels Contradict Themselves? Is the Bible Reliable?

Like us on facebook Deliberate Formal ContradictionsA consequence of having four records of the same life is that there are many overlapping sections among accounts and many opportunities for narratives to differ from each other. It is actually common in normal life that multiple reports of the same events will be, or will at… Read More

A Fresh Approach to Witness For The 21st Century: A Global Perspective

Dont miss any of our post. Follow us on Facebook The gospel is the Good News, the glorious news that God through Christ came to our planet, lived, died and rose again to take away the sin of the world. And he offers to live his dynamic life in and through us as we… Read More