OBASANJO'S CLAIM OF 'FULANIZATION' AND 'ISLAMIZATION' AS THE BASIS FOR 'BOKO HARAM' INSURGENCY, KIDNAPPING AND BANDITRY, IS RECKLESS UNPATRIOTIC AND UNCALLED FOR On Saturday, the 18th day of May, 2019, a former head of State and former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was a guest speaker at the second session of the Synod of… Read More


Dear Parents, due to increase of children Sexual assault we implore that our children should be educated and enlightened from home and it will be concretize in school.Our children are dieing in silence and experiencing emotional trauma Children's Counselling  : Follow-up Guide on Sexual Abuse------------------------------kindly ask your children these questions regularly: 1. Mention the two… Read More

8 Reasons It’s Increasingly Difficult to Raise Preacher’s Kids (PK’s) Today

Pam and I are not parents, so I’m always hesitant to write about parenting. Nevertheless, I want you to know what I hear anecdotally about the difficulty of raising PK’s today. At the end of this post, though, I’m also asking pastors to let us know what’s worked well as they’ve parented their kids. The local church… Read More

Trump and Robertson: Extreme Abortion Bills Won’t Win

Amid the reactions to Alabama’s new restrictive abortion law were fears from some conservatives that the state has overstepped. Televangelist Pat Robertson, a longtime abortion opponent, made headlines last week for saying Alabama “has gone too far.” Even before Governor Kay Ivey signed the controversial bill into law, Robertson called it “extreme.” During The 700 Club, Robertson said, “They want to challenge Roe v.… Read More

Can a Christian Drink Alcohol?

It wasn’t that long ago that news broke that Olympic gold medalist snowboarder Shaun White had been charged with vandalism and public intoxication. On my Facebook wall, I posted the following comment: “This just in…and the gold medal for character enhancement, once again, goes to alcohol.” Can a Christian Drink Alcohol? For years, well-meaning, sincere Christians… Read More

Christian Schools Fear Loss of Freedom After Australian Elections

Christian Schools Australia (CSA) has made the “unprecedented” decision to distribute political flyers asking parents to vote in favor of religious freedom at this Saturday’s federal elections. “We have certainly ramped it up a lot because this issue is so important to us,” Mark Spencer, CSA’s national executive officer, told SBS News. About the Flyer The… Read More