7 Suggestions for Pastors and Spouses to Find True Friends

ME_Pastor and spouse
Follow us on Facebook for update People talk. People gossip. People love to share what they hear.That’s true about what they hear from a pastor too.If the pastor talks about his personal life, shares a concern—heaven forbid shares a sin or weakness—people talk.I’ve personally been burned several times by trusting the wrong people with… Read More

5 Lessons Church Leaders Can Learn From The “All-Day Breakfast” Trend

In October 2015, McDonald’s made a significant change to its menu that made a huge difference to its bottom line and market reach. That month they added all-day breakfast to their offerings, and in many ways it ended up changing the course of history for this corporation. For years, insiders had been saying that all-day… Read More

The #1 Reason the Best Leaders Get Things Done (When Others Don’t)

You probably have something exciting that you’ve been thinking about doing for a long time. A change you want to make in your church or organization. Or a personal side project or initiative you want to launch. No wonder…every leader has dreams, goals and hopes. The problem is you haven’t done anything about it…yet. And as a result,… Read More


The suicide death of a young pastor is being felt throughout the world. Andrew Stoecklein, lead pastor of Inland Hills Church in California, left behind his wife, Kayla, and three young sons. I am the father of three sons. I cannot look at a photo of the young family without getting tears in my eyes. Please Hear… Read More