Pastoral Plagiarism: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

Someone brought something to my attention recently. A young woman on our staff came across a talk, given by a pastor, on a church’s website. It was my talk. He had delivered it, largely verbatim, from a manuscript purchased on the website. There was no verbal attribution ever given. Perhaps most egregious was his… Read More

How Burnout Is Killing Your Leadership

How Burnout Is Killing Your Leadership
What is it that’s drowning us, as leaders? What is it that’s taking leaders out of the picture when we desperately need good leaders? Last time I talked about identity and how the most dangerous destructive force on earth is a man who doesn’t know who he is. Another huge issue facing leaders is burnout—the condition in which we find ourselves when… Read More

Criticism: How to Handle Your Critics Like a Pro

So you signed up for leadership, but you didn’t really sign up for all the criticism that came with it, did you? And yet here you are. Next question: Did anything really prepare you for the emotional journey of leadership? Nope. Me neither. Criticism is an almost daily staple for most leaders. You get everything… Read More

30 Ideas for Your Church’s Easter Impact

Churches shared out-of-the-box thinking for communicating the transformational message of the cross. Here are their ideas: PRE-EASTER: INVITING YOUR COMMUNITY 1. Easter kindness. Easter is often more inwardly focused than Christmas and Thanksgiving. This year, mark Easter weekend with a significant act of service to your community (restore hiking trails, host a dinner for the homeless and… Read More

Five Strategies for Being a More Approachable Pastor on Sunday Mornings

Some pastors are naturally approachable. They have a certain charisma that draws people. Other pastors draw in people like an open casket viewing. People approach but with nervous hesitation. Most of us are somewhere in between these two extremes. Your approachability as a pastor is not limited to Sunday mornings, but it’s a key time… Read More

How Leaders Shape Their Ministries

Winston Churchill is credited with the insightful quote, “We shape our buildings and our buildings shape us.” He was correct; the buildings we gather in shape the culture of those in the buildings. The statement can be applied to other influences as our ministries and organizations are shaped by more than the buildings we utilize.… Read More

10 Questions to Ask on a Personal Retreat

Hey friends, here are 10 questions I use to refocus my life each month during my monthly prayer and planning retreats, this time on Kittatinny Mountain. I hiked the Appalachian Trail through a place called “Knife’s Edge” to a rock outcropping called “Bake Oven Knob” which looks down on the valley below. From that beautiful… Read More