Bible Reading: Romans 12: 1 - 10

Text Landmark: Romans 12: 9 (Amplified Version)
[9] "[Let your] love be sincere (a real thing); hate what is evil [loathe all ungodliness, turn in horror from wickedness], but hold fast to that which is good."

Love is defined as "having a strong affection or deep tender feelings for somebody or something". Unfortunately, most of us have learned how to pretend to love others - how to speak kindly, avoid hurting their feelings, and appear to take an interest in them. We may even be skilled in pretending to feel moved with compassion when we hear of others' needs, or to become indignant when we learn of injustice.
But God calls us to real and sincere love that goes far beyond pretence and politeness. Sincere love requires concentration and effort.. It means helping others become better people. It demands our time, attention, money, care and personal involvement. However, sincere love hate evil; sincere love eschews wickedness; sincere love corrects with courtesy, it does not embrace stupidity or foolishness; sincere love encourages each other; sincere love hold tight to everything that is good and godly.
No individual has the capacity to express love to a whole community or society, but the body of Christ in your town does. Look for people who need your love, and look for ways you and your fellow believers and friends can love your community for Christ.

The book of Hebrew 13:1 says... "Let brotherly love continue"!

Brotherly love is a strong godly virtue which must be daily expressed between brethren!

Real love for others produces tangible actions:
(1) Kindness to strangers!
(2) Empathy for those who are in trouble and those who have been mistreated!
(3) Respect for your family and marriage vows!
(4)Concern and Care for the less privileged!
(5) Contentment with what you have! In other words, one should make sure that his or her love runs deep enough to affect hospitality, empathy, fidelity, and contentment.

We can honour others in one or two ways. One involves ulterior motives...

To please people does not implies sincere love:

We honour our bosses so they will reward us, our employees so they will work harder, the wealthy so they will contribute to our cause, the powerful so they will use their power for us and not against us.

God's interpretation of love isn't that way.

He is passionate and truthful in loving us. As God's child, we honour people because they have been created in God's image, because they are our brothers and sisters in Christ's family fold.
Does God's way of honouring others sound too difficult for competitive nature? Why not try to outdo one another in showing love and honour to every man? Sincere and God's love teaches us to ... PUT OTHERS FIRST!

Rev’d Oluwatosin Mike Oladoke is the Set Man and the General Superintendent of Christ’s Interdenominational Bible Ministry; a.k.a. BETHEL GLOBAL CHURCH based in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. A discerning teacher of God’s word; and an Evangelist. He is the Senior Pastor of Bethel Global Church – the church arm of the ministry.  A book writer, a crusade preacher and a missionary. He is the convener of “OLUWA DIDE” a weekly Yoruba radio messages on Petals FM 102.3; and initiator and author of a vastly read online daily devotional message known as “BREAKTHROUGH CAPSULE” – a daily word and prayer tonic that inspires and encourages our soul

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