One of the paramount achievements of every mankind is to build a successful family. However, there is no historical background that doesn’t start as a family and thus, the multiple of family turns to be the generation of a particular lineage. Jesus Christ (THE LION TRIBE OF JUDAH) was traced from generational historical background of King David as the .result of generational connectivity.

In other words, family is the stepping stone that becomes a nation. (Gen 1:28, 9:1).

Sequel to the above, it is not contradictory but apparently that family is honorable and endorsed by God as it is an avenue that brings increment to the geographical and mortal  lives.

However, on a contrary, an enemy is a creation of God that proves and does divert things to antagonize the work of God.

Through, divert ambiguous meaning may attach to the subject but It is the fact to say or write that anything that does negatively to antagonize or obstruct the deed of God is an enemy.

In this regard, it is clearly understandable that every family is synonymous to part of creation of God. And hence, anything that stands contrarily to handmade of God is an enemy.


The first family was apparently known as Adam & Eve. They both enjoyed the comfort live in which God gave them the dominion over other creatures (Gen 1: 26).

However, an obstruction came and made them forfeited their place that resulted to enmity.

1Peter 5:8 says Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”

There is no other enemy than the devil himself. He is the only one that always does contrary to the deed of God. He is very aimed to prove the work of God wrong and thus, he strategies craftily and effectively to antagonize God`s image.

In a meantime, he is a cunning strategist with consistency, his strategies continually to achieve the evil objective, and that is why the above scriptural verse described devil as a continuous roaring lion walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.


John 10:10a

“The thief does not come except

to steal, and to kill, and to destroy”.

The enemy is ambitious to steal, and to kill and above all destroy. It is pitiable that not every family understands how cunning & passionate devil would be in order to achieve his aim. God created every family in His image and thus, it has become the dominant objective of devil to destroy every image of God (Family) especially the Christian home. Consequently, it is essential to understand the logical tactics he used in attacking Christian homes. Without aforementioned, every family will continue to fall into his victim.

  • Devil starts to attack right from the stage we choose a partner (Spouse). He would likely introduce ungodly acts (forbidden Fruit) that perhaps hold an individual into his captives or mislead an individual to choose a wrong partner. However, in most cases, we often blinded by the lust of the world in which resulted to divert ungodly immorality we engage ourselves and thus it gives him (devil) effrontery audacity to penetrate to lives.

Forbidden Fruit

It is the standard tactic that devil mostly uses to lure family into forbidden act and thus, it gives him the effrontery to attack homes. Consequently, forbidden is literally denote as anything that is poisonous in nature or harmful substances that initially seem to be enjoyable but often attached sad ending.

Anything that is spiritually forbid is of evil. As the result of this, if any forbidden act is found in any family, it is obvious that devil will dominate such family.

1John 3:8a

He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning.

It is an automatic invitation for devil to penetrate into any family that possesses any of his ungodly features.

Forbidden acts included every work of flesh that contradicts will of God.

Forbidden fruit in the family usually seems to be the immoral acts that either of the couple engaged. Every consistence work of the flesh usually becomes an addiction. That is why the first time you committed to ungodly act, likely not established but consistency, often becomes part of you and thus, it becomes a whole spirit.

When a family continues to wallowing in forbidden act, such family will be dominated by devil.

Keeping Secret

Pro 28:13 “He that covereth his sins shall not prosper; but whoso confesseth and forsaketh shall have mercy”.

Jesus is so merciful to forgive every victim family from the captive of forbidden deed. That is when you confess it.

Devil in his cunning mind, does not only lure family into forbidden act (sin) but also hold them into the secretive habit. The more you keep immoral secret from your husband or wife, the more the family would be tormented by the devil.

Adultery and fornication likely becomes an addiction if you fail to expose it.

Fervent fasting and prayer does not only free family from the captives but it takes the practical step to confess such deed to your partner and thus, victory is certain.

Consequently, exposing immoral secret is the first step that enhances deliverance from the captive of evil. The spirit that tells you not to speak out your wrong deed is restricting your freedom. Be courageous to speak it out and thus, the forbidden act wouldn’t have dominion over you again. In other words, the more you keep it as secret, the longer he (devil) holds you captive.

In most cases, devil initiated fear in our mind so that it will restrict us to confess our wrong deed. When it happens, prophesized to rebuke the fear, and it would fly away.

Repentant and Restitution

Devil would be brought to shame, when you open genuinely to repentant and restitute the wrong deed after you have confessed it. Confession come first and genuinely repentant follows in which it attaches restitution, such step attached a resolute mind set, it doesn’t come in mere saying but apparently involved practical and physical doings.  In conclusion, don’t give room for sin, as it is the most common strategy he uses to dominate family.


Pastor  Oladosu K. Paul  is the one  Pastoring CGAC(Power & Praise),the founder of Messanic Kingdom of Christ, Passionate about Christ Jesus also the CEO of

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