This Is Not About Your Village People!

Grace made available every of our inheritance in Christ Jesus but we have access to them only by Faith.

If you rewrite it, this is what you'll have:

"Faith takes delivery of every good thing that we have in Christ Jesus.

It's like saying, there is availability of food but you need your meal ticket to claim your portion.

Sir, don't throw away your ticket!  If you throw away your meal ticket and get starved, it is your fault not God's!

Grace provided, Faith claimed!

Grace doesn't require work, Faith does!

By saying Faith requires work, I mean it is "put to use."

So, when we go to God in prayers, it'll be a wrong idea telling him to do what He has done!

There's nothing left for Him to do. But there is something that we need to do; use our Faith to claim what he's provided.

It's like saying you're standing at the river bank and still asking God to give you water.

That is a foolish request. Right in your sight, others will come with their containers, fetch and leave you there.

Today, we build people's prayers on emotions, lacking the knowledge of what God has done.

They still come disturbing instead of using their passcodes to claim what belongs to them.

We tell them of some enemies holding down what Christ has given them; that they have to mount several mountains, do marathon fasting and all of those.

Thank God they have done them all, but nothing has changed. This is what religion offers; rituals.

But I'm glad to tell you that what Christ offers is Faith!

You are born again? And still praying God to deliver you from bondage? This is what I don't understand.

There is no need for Christ coming to save me if he knows he will still leave me in bondage.

That prayer may be prayed with all energy but it's scripturally wrong. It may sound good but not right!

The truth you know sets you free not just the truth. So, if I approach God in prayer, I'll rather have faith in what he said on the cross; "It is finished!"

Sir, God has not called you to fight a battle that he has already finished! Why wasting your energy?

Let me give an illustration here: if the super Eagles won the World Cup, who won it? They or Nigeria?

Absolutely, we'd all say, "We won." But how many people were on the pitch?  Just 11 players, right? 11 players' victory becomes our victory! And that is it.

That is the same thing God did. Jesus fought and he won. And so, His victory becomes Our VICTORY!

Let me be more graphical here. The 11 players will play their lives out. They will get kicked, injured, battered and running out of air. In the long run, they won.

But here we are before our TVs, drinking Coca Cola with Gala and snacking away. By the time the trophy is lifted, we'd all shout, "we won!

I know some of you'll update your status and say, " I am proud to be a Nigerian" but don't forget there're guys still feeling the pains of the victory.

Do you now see how it works?

We contributed nothing but all of the victory become ours.

When Christ finished everything, he said, "I conquered but you're more than conquerors!" Wow!

What? Yeah! This is unbelievable. It doesn't make sense but that is exactly what God did.

To say that there are no powers and principalities will fall short of what the scripture says, but to exalts what the devil is doing at the expense of what Christ has done, will be a poor knowledge.

What do I mean? Ephesians says, "You are seated with Him in heavenly places."

Invariably, you control what happens here by your faith in Christ Jesus from the spiritual realm.

Paul said, "Stand firm in your Faith." That is enough!

The scripture says:

"This is the victory that overcomes the world, even your Faith!"

So, next time you kneel in prayer, do because you have a victory already by the exercising of your faith!

You're sure of the resultant effect of your prayer; Victory. How? It is a victory that has longed been secured but now taking delivery of it by Faith.

My dear friend, all these village people that you are killing every year and running away from, don't you think they are powerful than you like this.

Until you start walking in the reality of what Christ has done, you are bound to live perpetually under the fear of the enemy.

Religion tells you,that you are saved but not totally free. But Jesus said, "You are free indeed." Whose report will you believe?

I was still a small boy in quote when I came across this passage and it shaped my belief:

"He also shared in these, so that through His death He might destroy the one holding the power of deaththat is the Deviland free those who were held in slavery all their lives by fear of death." Hebrews 2:14b - 15.

So, anytime I hear people saying, "the Spirit of death is pursuing some people or they are afraid that they will die, I will just pick my Bible, open to that place and start thanking Jesus for what He did!

Once again, I will smile and say, "Dear Lord, but what you said is that "Goodness and mercy shall follow me." I thank you because nothing else is permitted to follow me save Goodness and Mercy.

They are my body Guide and Convoy...

I know the devil is annoyed but I can't disagree with What you said. That is Faith!

This can only happen when our minds are renewed daily by God's words and we gain the knowledge of who we are and start walking in it.

Please, goan fry your egg in peace, no village somebody is coming to put off the fire.

Once you've peace *with* *God*, *you have the Peace of God and you have the peace from God.

Peace with God
Peace of God(within) and
Peace from God (without)

Your redemption is too expensive for God to be careless about your life.

I ask that the Lord will flood your hearts with light so as to pray and live right!



Isaacsogo is a graduate of microbiology. He writes, Speaks and Teaches

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