Your life will reflect the responses that you do, or do not take, let me prove to you how real this statement is so that we won’t remain in any illusions. If you have an un-made bed it will remain so until you act. Nothing will move or change unless you respond with actions. If you have a sink full of dishes, they will remain there for 1000 years and beyond until you produce actions. This is the same with our prayer life, whatever we have seen in prayer, unless we take corresponding action it will remain a spiritual exercise without a tangible effect. Absolutely nothing changes unless we cause movement to create a change.

Religion has kept many of us ineffective, we have lived in an illusion that God is going to cause things to happen for us, all we need to do is to have faith. Yes, God is a God of miracles, however, that’s an exception from the rule. Prayer is the place of discovering God’s purpose for your life, and then you need to produce the actions to see it come to pass. The effects we produce with our life’s is determined from our response to God’s commands. If I put a glass of water on the table today, in 12 months it will still be sitting there if I don’t do something about it. The more we understand that nothing will change unless we act to create a change, the more we can focus on what actions do we need to take to effect change?

Thus, we won’t be living in a religious mist that God is going to do for us what he’s expecting us to do. He’s not going to come and wash our dishes, or write our books, or visit those who are sick. No, the bible is a book of instructions, it’s totally relative to how much we respond to his injunctions. If we see problems before our eyes but fail to respond, those problem will only get worse. This is a law of life, everything left untouched goes through a process of entropy, that is it begins to deteriorate such as a plant that is not watered. We must not allow the problems that we see remain in a state of rest, we must become people who respond with action.

There is no way Jesus would have walked past a problem that he saw. His response was always to bring a solution, even Jesus could not go against the laws that God has set into life. If no actions were produced, no effects would have been felt in the material world. The outcomes we create in life, reflect the actions we did or did not produce. Your response to a problem reveals your heart, the story of the good Samaritan clearly depicts this picture. Only the Samaritan brought the touch of love to be felt upon this earth when he stopped and bandaged the wounded man and paid for his expenses. While the religious men walked past and left the wounded man in that state. 

It’s only when the love of God touches the lives of others, though our kindness and care is how Jesus will be seen in a dark world. We are God carries, as the donkey who carried the son of God into Jerusalem. God shines through us when we let his love flow through us to a lost world he becomes visible. There is no louder voice than that of action, people will not remember us apart from our actions. We know what it’s like when we have gone through our own crisis, the only people we remember are those who responded to our cry. Your response reveals your heart, weather you are going to walk pass the needs that you see, or are you going to act? This is truly the only way Jesus will be felt on this earth. People will want to know that kind of God, the one who does not ignore or turn a blind eye to the needs of others.

Our world is filled with problems all around us, however we have not realised that where there are problems there are great opportunities. In fact, the greater the degradation the more glorious the results will be. Many people want to run a country mile when they see a problem, the reason for this is we haven’t trained ourselves to see solutions. A person who is able to see solutions knows that life’s greatest opportunities are always hidden behind problems. Most people just want to get by in life, limiting themselves to only look in their own fount yard, not availing themselves to see that where there are great problems, there are great opportunities.

To make a real difference in life, and to make life count is when we look for problems. Not the petty problems of our own life’s, that’s the lowest form of living. But learning to look outside of ourselves, resolving to not live for the mere mundane and ordinary existence that most people live for, this is not what life was given for. Mother Teressa will be remember for thousands of years to come simply because she chose to live her life for a greater purpose not for herself, but her willingness to give up the pleasures of life to help the poor, oh what a woman to adore.

Life was never given to live for self, you have been put on this earth with a very definite and specific assignment that only you can resolve. To live an egocentric life is by far the lowest form of living. Life should be used to resolve one problem or the other, to give your life to resolving that problem. We need to take our eyes of ourselves, to only get our needs met when there’s a world of opportunity to really make life count. To live only for self and to not care for the problems that we could fix, could be our greatest regret when we get to the end of life. Wouldn’t you rather be so satisfied that you gave your life to make a huge difference in the life of another.

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live – Norman Cousins

Are we so heartless that we only care for our own warmth, that we have food in our belly while someone is weeping now that would be a tragic life. We have opportunity all around us, and it’s hidden in the problems of another. We need to put our shoes in the place of another, to see life from another perspective. What if it was us that had no food, no shelter no place to call home? We need a fresh perspective to stop living life only for ourselves, but be willing to give up everything to make a difference in the life of another.

There are millions of people who have gone before us, the only names that we remember are those who gave their lives to resolving problems on this earth. You think about it, those we celebrate from history are only those who never lived for self, who gave their lives to make a difference, leaving their footprint in the sand of time. I know I want to make my life count, not simply for myself, but to care for those who weep, to care for those who hunger, to care for those forgotten, to care for humanity this should be as Christians our greatest plight.

To walk past someone weeping, hungry, or helpless, would have to be the greatest tragedy of all humanity. How quick we are to judge, we don’t know the details that caused that person to be where they are. We need to see with the eyes of Jesus, his heart for the broken, the despised, the least of our society. That could have been anyone of us if we had to go through the same circumstances they went through, how do we know we would have done much better off than them? We judge life only from our own parameter, we must learn to see life through the perspective of another.

Written by Rochelle White

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