“For surely there is a latter end [a future and a reward], and your hope {and} expectation shall not be cut off” (Amplified Bible) Prov. 23: 18

Expectation, according to Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, states that:  “The belief that something will happen” or “Confident feelings about something“!
When one is expectant,one will be apprehensive and be anticipating the manifestation or the realisation of such thing you are expecting. A times, ones great expectation can be a dream of great thing you’ve been imagining or hoping for. Another word for “Expectation” is Hope… What you look forward to achieve or realise. In some cases many people do lost hope on some goals, or a times some lay aside their pursuit on such expectation(s). It could be very painful in most cases when ones hope is dashed, I have seen situation where a man committed suicide because he couldn’t get a job which he had been shortlisted for in one oil company. When hope or expectation is not realisable, one could be sick, and eventually develop some other complications.

These keys are more Biblical and Mental in Nature!

1. Wisdom.. Prv.3:13-19; 4:7-9; 24:14!
2. Have Faith.. Matt.17:20; Heb.11:6 (pls. read Hebrew 11!
3. Be hopeful… Job.14.7-9;Ps.62:5!
4. Trust God.. Jer.17:5-8!
5. Constantly be expectant.. Lk.2:5; Acts.3:5!
6. Don’t give up. Gen.32:23-26; Ruth1:8-18!
7. Be tenacious.. Stand firm, don’t compromise.. Gen.39:4-9; Dan.3 & 6!
8. Be steadfast in the Lord.. Ps.84:11!
9. Be patiently wait.. Job.14:14; Lk.2:25,36-37!
10. Be prayerful.. Matt.17:20-21; Lk.2:36; 1Thess.5:17!
11. Constantly sow seed, pay tithe, give alms.. Eccl.11.1-6;Lk.6:38;Mal.3:10-12!
12. Make room to help others.. Prv.19:17; Prv.28:27!
13. Live a righteous life.. Prv.10:3,28!
14. Be diligent, and be hardworking.. Prv.6:4-11; Prv.10:4-5!
15. Come to Jesus and stay glued to Him.. Matt.11:28!

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Rev’d Oluwatosin Mike Oladoke is the Set Man and the General Superintendent of Christ’s Interdenominational Bible Ministry; a.k.a. BETHEL GLOBAL CHURCH based in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. A discerning teacher of God’s word; and an Evangelist. He is the Senior Pastor of Bethel Global Church – the church arm of the ministry.  A book writer, a crusade preacher and a missionary. He is the convener of “OLUWA DIDE” a weekly Yoruba radio messages on Petals FM 102.3; and initiator and author of a vastly read online daily devotional message known as “BREAKTHROUGH CAPSULE” – a daily word and prayer tonic that inspires and encourages our soul

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