A genuine lover of God is a pace setter, pathfinder and trailblazer that makes a mark on the earth. Truly “Hard work works”, but nevertheless, there are still unquestionable elements that can fathom and pave ways for every believer if diligently follows.

What does it cost to be a record breaker and to be a new record setter?

One of the earnest desires of everyone on earth is to attain a dimension of level in which that set us part, or give us a legendary name. However, can this be possible? Of course, it can, but is it attainable on a Plata of gold? Of course, it isn’t.

Nothing just happened without an associated price. What does it cost to be a record breaker and to be a new record setter.

  1. The Spiritual Cost: (Mat. 13:45 -46): Bible says   “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. 46 When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it”.

“Except the lord build the house, the labour in vain that build it”. We need to be connected to the source for our needed helps, to spend time with God and to be developed spiritually because your inheritance is transfer to you through the revelation knowledge of the truth. He has given us all things that we ever require in life and business that pertain to life and godliness, but they are delivering to us through the knowledge of Him who has called us all to glory and virtue. Our delivering is the function of our insight. To break a record and to set another one requires spending and investing time in prayers, just like a business man, we invested time in prayers by creating our future by that investment. Every prayer to pray today stores up in heaven for your need tomorrow. The fragrant of your prayer today will speak for you tomorrow.

 It is because most of the investment you aren’t divinely guided, and that’s why they aren’t yielded result. “When thy lord is your shepherd, you shall not want”, but without making him your shepherd brings certain lack into a man`s heart. You must know that God doesn’t need you for anything, but you need him for everything.

  • The Intellectual Cost: We should know that knowledge is power, and to be informed is to be transformed, and to be uninformed is to be deformed. The more enlighten we are on any subject matter, the greater the level of command we gain. Ish. 5:13a says “therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge”. We need an adequate knowledge of the venture that we`re embarking on. It is information that gives value to every vision. I knew God told me to embark on Covenant University as a project, but time was invested, in searching and searching for what kind of University are we headed for. So models were reviewed and extensive study of Oxford, Harvard, and Yale were done with a deep sense of commitment for finding a bearing for this University Vision.  So it is not only to have vision, but having quality information to drive the vision. Information is vehicle to which every vision is driven to its accomplishment. The lack of intellectual cost is where many churches crushed today. You see people in business where they don’t know anything about it. It is so important that intellectual cost is ignored and that’s why many businesses are short lived and never outlived their fonder. Every business that you`re in that’s short of intellectual properties will be short-lived.  An attainable of success is guaranteed by accessing into quality information.
  • The Physical Cost: High elasticity is the requirement for high performance. It takes hard work to fly higher. Every success story is traceable to high level of investment of time, energy and resources. You need energy to maximised destiny. Even Christ says, “I must work the work of Him that sent me, while it`s day for night cometh when no man can work” (John. 9:4). High level of energy is an all-time requirement for performance. Every star must stretch, it is until you`re stretched enough, you cannot spread effectively. Labour is your vital key for setting a new record.

To most to the stage where you need to sell off your comfort and religious tribes if you don’t want your destiny to lose colour of relevancy.  

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