3 Things Every Church Leader Should Know About Finances

“88% of America is broke or worse,” says Chris Brown. Churches want to build and grow, but most churches have a 13% debt service to take care of. It’s a sticky situation, but it doesn’t have to control you.

Money is a difficult conversation to have, but an important one that can be approached with humility and authenticity. Chris brown shares how to steward well in your life and work and ministry so you don’t have to be in bondage of money.

1. “Being intentioned for ministry is nothing without being positioned for ministry.”

Sometimes what we want to do, we can’t do because we’re not in a financial position to do so. Brown says, “You’re in bondage to a bunch of payments.”

His biggest frustration as a pastor is “the gap between their Sunday reaction … and what they actually do on Monday morning.”


2. “The best thing you can do for your church sometimes is to say ‘no’.”

There’s an invitation for a new ministry and new opportunity every day. It can feel like a lack of compassion to say no to a ministry.

“Make sure that your infrastructure is solid enough and strong enough and you have enough cash reserves to be able to do something in a sustainable way; to be able to do ministry in a scale able way.”


“We are not the owners. We are the managers of God’s stuff.”

3. “People are only going to value what the influencer values.”

“This whole idea of contentment is crucial. The churches that do this best model this at the top. Again, everything rises and falls with leadership.


When the lead team is content – they’re content with their lifestyle, they’re content with their relationships. They have a peace about them that Jesus is enough – that the gospel is enough.

Your high capacity people (especially) can tell what you care about. They can tell if you’re content or not. They can tell if you have this constant pull towards more.

If we want to disciple well, we must model well.”

Be sure to catch the full episode on the ChurchLeaders Podcast!

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