Q1: What did Pastor Adeboye know as a young believer that set him apart in his ministry?

I learnt early in life that:
Holiness is the master key to everything, success in life, success in ministry
Holiness is the nature of God
Holiness is complete obedience to Him
Ex0 15:26
Deut 28:1-13

Q2: You once told a story in one of your Minister’s conferences of how God asked you to dedicate, if I remember well, 3-days to just thank and praise Him and how that brought expansion to the work. We have constantly seen you practice thanksgiving and praise. You are always with your tambourine. How did thanksgiving and praise revolutionalize your praise life?

Well, I found that it is easy to link that encounter with what the elders in Africa will say that if a child will be grateful for what he received yesterday, then he will receive more so I spend, by the grace of God, more than 90% of my prayer life just thanking Him because He’s been so good to me and the more I thank Him, the more He does. That is why everywhere I go and every opportunity I have I want to thank Him because I know where I started from and how far he has taken me. Even if he doesn’t do anything more I can keep on thanking Him till eternity, But I find out that I thank Him the more He does. That’s a great secret to progress. I encourage others to do the same

Q3: The manifestations of God’s presence in your meetings are very strong and unusual . What advice do you have for young ministers when preparing for meetings?

A3: I also discovered early in ministry that if you spend time with him in secret, He will spend time with you in the open. In other words, if you will wait upon Him before any program, then He will show up. For example, when I want to prepare for the Holy Ghost Night, I make sure that I spend at least a couple of days locked up with Him, away from my wife and my children, just Himself and I

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