The usual aphorism stated that anything that affect your health, practically affect your productivity. There is something about health. Some people, out of frustration of ill-health, have prayed for death.

When you are not healthy, you don’t want to live. Nothing makes life exciting when there is no health. The same thing goes for marriage; marriages can go sour and be sick.

No matter how well they started, the union between a man and a woman can go bad if the principles of sound health in marriage are not highly maintained.

Just like the physical body, that to be healthy is neither an automatic nor a fluke. So if you keep doing something that will jeopardize your health, then obviously, you can`t be healthy and thus, you will definitely lack productivity. Many marriages lack productivity because they aren’t healthy mentally.

There is no a firehttps://www.ministryexploit.com/how-to-lead-well-a-purified-church-during-and-post-covid-19-dr-akin-john/ without a smoke, so it literary applicable in the sense that there is not an occurrence without instigation. Something instigated every event, so when you practically observed a dysfunctional home (Marriage), you`ll noticed that those factors that responsible for healthy home is not maintained.   

There is nothing like fluke, or miracle that will suddenly appear in your home if you cease to adapt the components of a healthy marriage. Sometimes, it is not about admiring a healthy family, but about to pay the price for that desire family.  Let me make this statement, it is very true: A HEALTHY MARRIAGE IS A HEALTHY LIFE. You can easily know that a family is happy basically from what they represent outwardly. That`s why sometimes people can easily identify a dysfunctional home in spite the medical fitness of family. The fact that you are medically sound is different from marital health. There will still be a dimension of ailment in your soul and will definitely affect your composite life

When you see couples, who are not staying together, not because they are divorced, but because of a job and they only see each other once a month or once in three months, there is something wrong about that relationship. If you are married and you are okay when you are not with your spouse, it is a sign of sickness. If you see couples like that, the health level is not perfect, because you can’t beat the Ancient of Days who said it is not good for a man to be alone.

A healthy marriage is a healthy destiny. If your marriage is not healthy, your destiny journey will have a k-leg.

Whatever you do, don’t just marry; seek to have a healthy marriage by putting up those factors that encourage it. There are many destinies that are short-lived because of the poor health system of the marriage. A healthy marriage will definitely fulfilled destiny irrespective of circumstances.  

Don’t manage; don’t bear with sickness in marriage. Don’t continue bearing it when things are not the way they are supposed to be, there is a balm in Gilead. Things can change, things can be mended. Healings can occur; you don’t have to continue bearing it.

If you observe the way some women talk about their husbands and say things like, “That man, that is how he is”. Or, something like, “He has been like that for the past 18 years, he can’t change …,” this will show to you that there is a sickness in that relationship already.

In conclusion, Changes are constant no matter how little, do something for the sake of your marriage. Keep doing things that will make things get better; don’t aggravate the situation, or encourage your mediocre mentality. Don’t settle for a marital average life, or limit the efficient of a healthy marital life. There is always a turning point behind every circumstances.

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