1 Sam 17:46-50 Every true lover of his nation goes up, so you are going up. Stand in the place of demonstrating your love for this land and God will give you your place in the Land. Stand There!!

A new day dawns on Nigeria

“There is no mortal man on this Earth that is a ‘Kabiyesi’, Olodumare ni ko lo je gbe”. When God turns His back on you, you will see our empty you are. God turn your back upon every gang up of the wicked in Nigeria, root them out and let them be forgotten forever.
Why are we independent and suffering affliction continually? Independence means freedom at last. Where is the freedom today?
To travel on the road, there is calamity!
To stay in your house, there is battle!
So where is the proof of freedom?
Everyone whose aim is to hold Nigeria down in captivity, CURSE BE THEIR ROOTS. CURSE BE ALL THAT PERTAINS TO THEM
They say “Why are you cursing all the time?”, I am the son of my father (Gen 12:3). The Holy God curses (Mark 11:21), He (Jesus) said that is how the faith of God operates: you curse anything that mocks. The Holy Ghost curses (Acts 13:9-11)
Why do you curse, it is listed among the ministry of prophets? He said you will root out, break down, then you will plant (Jer 1:10)
We will see a BUILT NIGERIA.We will see a PLANTED NIGERIA. The siege of the wicked over the nation is over Today.
You just must prosper in the nation that you truly love (2 Sam 5:5). David was willing to die than to see the assault continue. There are many of us here, by your continuous engagement in seeking the well being of Nigeria, YOU SHALL BE DECORATED. In your field of endeavor, you shall be decorated. In your pursuit in life, you shall be decorated. In the name of Jesus
Gideon – Judges 6:11-14 , 16; Judges 8:28. Gideon reigned for 40 years and the Midianites were kept mute. Everyone that truly loves his nation prospers there. The assault of the Midianites on Nigeria is enough. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
The assault of the Midianites, the strangers against the Wellbeing of Nigeria is finally over.
As the Lord liveth, the next 40 years in this country, we will be wondering whether we suffered what we suffered. Let me hear your loudest Amen.
Judges 8:29 In the name of Jesus, the victory we are securing now will be for life.

For every shame this land has ever suffered, God will render to us DOUBLE GLORY
Every door that might has been closed against us, (as we prayed), against this nation; My God will restore it, My God will re-open it. We will have joy and gladness over the state of our nation.
Don’t talk down Nigeria, TALK IT UP. You may have papers and the means to travel, you know how many millions have never seen an airport in Nigeria? Do you know how many millions can’t find their way to those national boundaries – they can’t even find their way. I have seen someone whose child had a First Class but would not graduate because of 40,000 naira – that is how ‘Prosperous’ the land has been. (You know as my custom is, I took it up).

I knew someone who came from an African country and would not graduate because of 100 dollars. BUT THE SIEGE IS OVER.
Help me say with a loud voice:
Concerning this great country, help me say one more time:
Concerning the reign of wickedness in the country, help me say it loud: THE SIEGE IS OVER.
For rooting out the wicked so the land can have peace, help me say:
For repositioning Nigeria for Glory and Honour, help me say:

I don’t know how many thousands that might have been shut up in prison today for no just cause. Shall the Judge of the whole earth not do right: “God plague everyone tormenting
innocent people in Nigeria” Go ahead and pray that prayer: Plague everyone tormenting any innocent people in this country. Plague them with irrecoverable sickness and disease.

Plague them with death, cut them down.
Let any further assault on the Church of Christ in Nigeria, be met with instant, open judgement. Let it lead to the collapse of many destinies of the wicked. Make them a public show of defeat, shame and reproach. Lord, grind to powder every gang up against the Church of God in Nigeria. Grind to powder today every gang up against the Church of Christ in Nigeria Today. Come on everybody, curse them in the name of the Lord, with instant judgement, open shame and reproach. Thank You Lord in Jesus precious name.
There has never been such an imbalance as now, every strategic position in Nigeria is filled up by one sector of people. Is everybody dumb? Anybody who thinks he cannot be challenged will go down. All the forces responsible for the lopsidedness of the administration of this nation, so as to work against the peace of the land, “Curse be they all”.
Help me join and bring down these agents of injustice. Bring down these agents of injustice!!! You are down and out. Enough is Enough. Nigeria must have rest!!!! All these agents of injustice, we decree your end today in the name of Jesus!!! In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
You know what is happening? A NEW DAY DAWNS ON NIGERIA. I sense that in my spirit: A NEW DAY DAWNS ON NIGERIA. I sense that as a prophet: A NEW DAY DAWNS ON NIGERIA. You will be hearing news within the next 7 days: news of the acts of the vengeance of our God; news of God uprooting every wicked soul hanging anywhere in Nigeria; news of instant judgement that cannot be hidden. So shall it be.
Zephaniah 3:17-20 This is a new day for Nigeria. JOY IS RESTORED. Mourning is over. God has turned our mourning into dancing as a nation today.
ZEPHANIAH 3:17-20 THAT IS THE PROPHETIC WORD FOR OUR NATION. That is the new realm we are walking in to. God has turned our mourning into dancing. He has turned our shame to fame. He has turned our reproach to honour. A NEW NATION IS BORN. Thank You Father, blessed be your name.
When salt is not enough in a soup, you can’t feel the effect. Church growth is vital to the peace and prosperity of any nation (2 Chron 15:3-8, 12). As more people return back to God, more peace and prosperity is restored to the nation. THE TIME HAS COME FOR NIGERIA TO EXPERIENCE ANOTHER WAVE OF EXPLOSIVE CHURCH GROWTH. Every Church in the nation breaking forth on the right and on the left. Every ministry, every denomination preaching Christ breaking forth on the right and on the left. 2 Chron 15:19, the Church growth is God’s great prescription for restoration of peace and prosperity in Nigeria. So see yourself not as one just bringing people to the kingdom, but adding more salt to the land. You know we are the light of the world and wherever Light, darkness has no space. So the more the Light, the ‘freer’ the land. Can I hear your Amen. The church is the light of the world, the brighter the light, the farther away the effect of darkness. So let’s get more sons of Light, more children of Light to the Kingdom and we will keep pushing darkness farther and farther away, until we can’t see it anymore. Let’s increase the coast of Light, let’s bring more people into the Kingdom, let’s add more salt to the soup and the effect will be felt.

Celebrate God, the net is broken and we have escaped. Give the Lord the biggest clap offering.

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