Omega Fire Ministries International began in 2004 in a small town called Auchi in Edo State Nigeria and was founded by Apostle Johnson Suleman.

After working as an assistant pastor in the Armor of God Church in Lagos from 1998, he started Omega Fire Ministries at the end of a couple of meetings and encounters with God.

In particular, he had an encounter in 2003 and in his own words, “I went to bed on December 24, and I woke up on December 26. I didn’t see Christmas day…I slept all through. In the midst of that, I was seeing hell, heaven and a voice told me that I was going to be a preacher. I woke up and went to meet a Mallam and he said I should go and do some recitations. But when I went back, I felt beaten.”

This vision eventually led to the establishment in 2004 of Omega Fire Ministries and the name came from a message from God: “Put an end to affliction; I AM SENDING YOU WITH AN OMEGA ANOINTING…”

The ministry whose geographical location in the unusually remote town of Auchi, located about 151 km to Benin, 328 km to Abuja, 236km to Warri and 445km to Lagos respectively and besides it being in a town with a majority muslim population, contradicted all-natural and theological church growth principles.

Despite series of satanic condemnations and criticism of shutting down soon, the ministry sailed through under her leadership with endless prayers and fasting that generated the spiritual fire to ride on the wings of the mandate to end afflictions, wipe out tears and restore men to their destinies.

Today, Omega Fire Ministries is making impact around the globe and God in his infinite love and mercies turned satanic predictions to good, prompting annual celebration each year on her anniversary.

Omega Fire Ministries is now 16 years with evidence of global ministerial impact and having its presence felt in over 120 countries of the world. Conveniently reaching out to several millions of people with its 24- hour Christian television channel, celebration TV.

In 16 years, the ministry has turned the land it sits into a mega growing city with an international worship center edifice of over 35,000 seat capacity according to ministry sources. She also runs a printing press, dormitories, resorts, shopping mall, retreat center and many more facilities for the lodging need of visitors and these have helped increase the economic relevance of Auchi.

The International Headquarters is located at KM 132, Okene/Abuja Expressway, Auchi, Edo State. It can also be found in Lagos, Enugu, Abuja, Kano, Akwa Ibom states, Houston, Texas, South Africa, Ghana, New Jersey, Maryland USA, Turkey among many other cities, towns and nations.

As part of the annual anniversary and celebrations therefore, the restoration Apostle Johnson and his wife Dr. Lizzy Suleman therefore invites all to EBENEZER 2020 as the ministry marks her 16th anniversary in acknowledgment of the mighty works of God, and this comes up from today, the 5th to the 9th of February 2020.


To God be all the Glory!

Courtesy: Celebration Tv

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