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Apostle Johnson Suleman shared a dreadful experience that changed my perspective till date about the things of God.

In a sermon (I did not note the topic), the man of God narrated his encounter with God when he thought he was doing the right thing. It all happened that he decided to start sowing seeds into the ministries of great people, home and abroad. It’s one of the prophetic habits he has built as a lifestyle over the years, even as a preacher in the prophetic ministry. He believes that to become a successful minister, in addition to living in total obedience to God’s instructions, you have to be connected or reference or learn from those who are ahead of you in the journey.

He began the trip to sowing into big ministries and one day he decided to visit a particular ministry (minister). He did not mention any name and it’s not important. What is most important is the hard lesson he learnt. As he packaged the seed (money gift) to begin his journey the Lord spoke to him saying;

“That place and person you are going to sow your seed into, I God cannot track him on my record as my minister. I do not know that person, not anymore. He left me long ago, very long time ago. So don’t waste your seed and don’t contaminate yourself through that seed”

These statements scared me to my marrows as I listened and I started wondering. Some possibilities could be deduced from these divine warnings;

First, a man could climb so high through God and his name and His work and at the same time, he could still have those high ranks while the Lord might have left him. A man could still be celebrated as a general even while he’s turned back from following the Lord.

And the dreadful questions that come to mind are; “how about the followers of these people whose names are no longer in God’s records as generals? Is it possible for a follower to be led by a person who has lost God’s presence and remains in God’s perfect will? Is there any tendency that God will still allow His folks to be tendered like a shepherd by these people whom God knoweth not again?

In all sincerity, I cannot answer these questions. What I can just say is that we need to stay in the know. The information that you got from God yesterday might have become obsolete for today’s activities. A constant fellowship with God through His word will rescue us from the lies and deceptions that are about to befall mankind in these end times. Do not rush into your day without a period of fellowship or quiet time with God. It doesn’t have to be for long hours. It may be short but once it’s constant and God is present, it carries the same grace and power.

It is also important to remind my fellow believers; DO NOT TAKE GOD FOR GRANTED! ASK FOR DIRECTION BEFORE STARTING ANY JOURNEY.

I pray, may we not miss God, in Jesus name.

Mary Boye

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