Archbishop Idahosa and Bishop Oyedepo Teach On Difference Between Multitudes and Disciples

Archbishop Idahosa and Bishop Oyedepo on Difference Between Multitudes and Disciples

Bishop David Oyedepo recently stated in one of his admonitions on prayer “We are to replace multitudes with ‘disciples’ or ‘followers’ in all our kingdom advancement prayers.”

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He further stated that GOD revealed to him that ‘after every event multitudes depart but only disciples remain.’ Hence, we should no longer be praying for abiding multitudes but rather replace multitudes with ‘abiding disciples’ or ‘Limit Breaking followers’ in all kingdom advancement prayers.

However, no soon after, a video emerged of Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory speaking on the same topic while on a preaching engagement in the United Kingdom during one of his last messages in the late 90s.

Archbishop Idahosa explains here the difference between Disciples and Multitudes and emphasizes that most people in church today are Multitudes not Disciples. Their views are in line with the Parable of the Sower as emphasized by the Lord Jesus Christ himself.

Below are 17 Differences between Disciples and the Multitudes as Enunciated by Archbishop Idahosa


I have spent 1 week preaching on who are the disciples and who is a multitude?

Why did Jesus constrain the disciples and dismissed the multitude?
In a church like this one are you a disciple or multitude?

How do I know the multitude?
(Differences between Disciples and Multitudes)

1) Multitude in a church come to seat on the chairs arranged disciples arrange the chairs.
2) Multitude come late and go first disciples come first and go last.
3) Multitude complain disciples compliment
4) Multitude come to collect miracle disciples give the miracle
5) Multitude give offering disciples pay tithe
6) Disciples are concerned about the household of God disciples are concerned and multitude complain.Church Gist.
7) Multitude come to find fault disciples come to find what to do
8. Disciples say here am I send me multitude say I have gone if you need me come for me
9) Multitude say I use to be in that church disciples say when this work started I was there
10) Multitude prostitute disciples proclaim

And the church today is full of multitudes than disciples

11) Multitude come for bread and fish disciples come to give their life
12) Disciples come to serve, to give, to meet the need, offer their time, sweep the floor, multitude match on it

Who are you in the house of God?

13) Multitude are those that can jump from one ministry to the other disciples stay to build a ministry and God told me to tell my church it is time to turn from one of the multitude to a disciple that help to build the kingdom of God.Church Gist.

14) With bread and fishes over, multitude go away, disciples wait to clean the floor. Are you a disciple or a multitude?

Listen my Bible says when the crusade was over, Jesus constrained the disciples, ‘let’s go over to the other side’.
15) Disciples go to the other side multitude end this side.
16) Disciples are constrained to go, multitudes are dismissed to leave why? Multitude don’t become part of miracles they only come to collect miracles.

Why did he send the multitude away?
Many times God have no confidence on the multitude.
17) Multitude are seeking for signs, disciples are working signs.

He sent the multitude away, he constrained the disciples he forced them and said go to the other side. Matthew 14:22-23

Listen to the dividing of this group he sent the multitude away and disciples sent forward Jesus went to the mountain.

Jesus went higher, disciples went forward and the multitude went backward.

Picture it with your head ask yourself if I were there that day will he send me away or send me forward?


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