Biblical View of Money

Biblical View of Money

Today I want us to look at the subject of money from a Biblical point of view. First and foremost, economically, Money is defined as an assets that functions as a generally accepted medium of exchange. One major characteristics of money is its general acceptability. Today, money has grown beyond just a medium of exchange but the very impetus upon which living resides.

From the beginning, God didn’t create money for man as a tool for living, on the contrary, everything man needed was supplied by God. Let me clearly say for emphasis here, in my opinion, if man had not sinned, there won’t have been a need to spend money. Do you know why? Money came as a result of work. Genesis 3: 19 “In the sweet of thy face shall thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground, for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and dust shalt thou return. When Adam sinned, the need to Him to till the ground for sustenance was conferred on him by the Creator whereby making him responsible for his livelihood.


It is very important to draw a variation between money and wealth. One of the integral element of wealth is money but it does not necessarily mean that a man that has great measure of money alone is wealthy. Money is just a means and not end it self. Before I move on let me quickly share some differences between money and wealth.

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Money does not satisfy but wealth bring contentment Money is man made but wealth is the citizen of Heaven Money is economically and domestically enhanced but wealth is covenant generated Money is temporal but wealth is eternal Money does not produce true riches but wealth is true riches Money is manipulative but wealth is plain The love of money is poverty but the love of God is wealth

In the Old Testament,money took different forms: metals, livestock or goods. In the New Testament coined money legally authorized by governing bodies. Money translated as “kesep” which means a seed first appeared in Asia minor in the Mid 7th Century.

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Akinwande Praise

Akinwande Praise, a writer, consultant, preacher,and business guru is the MD/CEO of El Phanos Global Resources Ltd and The Executive Director of Centre for Biblical Survey and Theological Seminary

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