The bible does not leave us to darkness, the scripture says, if my people and more so, they are called by my name and humble (brokenness) themselves. Bible didn’t tell us if they can say I am sorry. At a point of time, you must understand that repentance is not brokenness, brokenness is deeper than repentance. The absence of a broken and contrite spirit is for many of us the mystery behind not only the tragedies in our lives, but the continue patterns and reign of darkness over families, over territories and over individuals. The fact that you`re a Christian isn’t enough. Brokenness is a vital state that God cannot deny.

What is Brokenness? Brokenness is an ambiguous word, and it opens to individual in a multiple interpretations. But however, the below must be capture in your expression and in practicality of a genuine brokenness.

  1. Brokenness is a complete state of total surrender
  2. Brokenness is recognition of your imperfections and your inadequacies outside the mercy and help of God.

God himself designed brokenness as one of the spiritual strategies to kill pride in the life of believers.

Sometimes, nobody really suffers for being a sinner, but the pride of the heart that myopic man to able to come to the state of brokenness. A man that refuses to acknowledge his inadequacies without the help of God will suffer and continually become a prey for devil. Because, the psalmist conveyed it that it is not everyone that qualifies to be save by God, but only does with contrite heart (Psalm 34:18). That’s why in most cases, certain people get saved in his (God) presence in spite the lack of faith and even they might not as walking in holiness and righteous as we know, but they come with a genuine sense of brokenness (sense of sincerity) and the whole service becomes about them.

Frankly speaking, the one attribute that a man can possess that will attract God in a helpless way is the brokenness and a contrite heart. This is what the people of Nineveh understand, and thus make them to broke themselves into fasting and ashes, even their animals fasted and God revoked the doom prophecy.  Every time that people become broken, He (God) reviews his decision.

I submit to you, it is good to say as we teach the principles that when you will walk with God it commands result, but a man`s certain result at a particular level in the spirit will no longer based on the accuracy of applying these principles, or about what you`re doing.  But at time when you have won the heart of God in a way and manner that he has become vulnerable to you. You`ll enter into the dimensions of what you don`t pray, or seeing things you do not fast for because you have maintain a state of genuine brokenness.

If every believer could understand brokenness, then we could have entered into the dimension where God could never leave us. Brokenness isn’t the thing of old, but a direct opposite of pride.

See! You must understand that the spirit of sense of self sufficiency will elude the grace of God in your life massively.  You would be missing out a lot of things, you`re a keeper of principles alone without a contrite heart.

It is the high time that every believer must come to the end of self- righteousness, and acknowledged an individual vulnerability, if indeed we desire changes.

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