Behind every successful story there will always be something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others. Top successes aren’t achievable in a night. Every dimension of personalities that is influencing and commanding result is associated with particular doings. Nobody can ever claim an attainment to a greater height without… Read More

The Story Behind The Old Rugged Cross

The author of lyrics and musicGenreMethodist hymnWritten1912Textby George BennardMeter6. George BennardPublished1915 George Bennard was a native of Youngstown, Ohio, but was reared in Iowa. After his conversion in a Salvation Army meeting, he and his wife became brigade leaders before leaving the organization for the Methodist Church. As a Methodist evangelist, Bennard wrote the first verse of "The Old Rugged Cross" in Albion, Michigan,… Read More

History of Hymns: “Nothing but the Blood”

"Nothing but the Blood"Robert LowryThe United Methodist Hymnal, No. 362 “What can wash away my sin?Nothing but the blood of Jesus.What can make me whole again?Nothing but the blood of Jesus.O precious is the flowthat makes me white as snow;no other fount I know;nothing but the blood of Jesus. ” Robert Lowry (1826-1899) has provided us… Read More


When I was a teenager and newly saved Christian, my soul winner taught me to have a daily devotional time with God. This has become the single most important habit in my life, and I'm convinced no one can grow as a Christian without it. I memorized Proverbs 8:34 when I was just 18: "Blessed… Read More

The Story Behind “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

The Story Behind “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
In March of 1863, 18-year-old Charles Appleton Longfellow walked out of his family’s house on Brattle Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and—unbeknownst to his family—boarded a train bound for Washington, D.C., traveling over 400 miles across the eastern seaboard in order to join President Lincoln’s Union army to fight in the Civil War. Charles (b. June 9,… Read More

Story Behind the Song: ‘The Old Rugged Cross’

If someone approached you, asking you to name America’s most popular hymn, no doubt many of you would respond with “The Old Rugged Cross.” It has been the most favored of the approximately 300 songs written by George Bennard. George Bennard Bennard was born into a very modest family in Youngstown, Ohio, in 1873. His… Read More