‘Human rights’ have been substituted for Christian standards. ‘Rights’ represent only the personal views of a bench of judges of doubtful moral outlook. Their judgments have no ultimate sanction and are putting law and justice in jeopardy. The fear of God has evaporated.

The Creator set goodness in the world and inspired us to put our reliance upon Him and to live by the immense fact that He loves us. Secularism knows nothing about love – only sex. Fixation on sex as a major subject of public interest, corrupts and fouls the mouths of millions. “These be your gods oh Israel” (Exodus 32:4). Eros is one of the gods of the third millennium. 

True progress is to know God. Science has no substitute for love. Adam and Eve were primitives but lived like kings walking with God.

That is life as God intended it. God who created all things must have been an immensely wonderful Friend. God has pushed hard for us to appreciate what He is and to understand His feelings toward us.

The Son of God tracked across the universe to this one planet to introduce Himself –he is that keen. Jesus is ready to save us. God bless you


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