Christian that fails to know ways of God will ultimately worship Golden calf (Idol). Part 2

Many Christians are serving golden calf (idol) but they think they are serving God. Some will say I do go to church every time, I don’t miss any service. Some will say I am fill with the Holy Spirit and the gifts of Holy Spirit is operating in my life. Some will also boast how he or she gives the highest offering and tithe in the church and how he/ she single handed built a cathedral for God like Solomon. Some will boast of their breakthrough in their life and business. Some will say I have never visited shrine or idol place. So many Christians have various understanding and meaning of how they know the ways of God.

Some Christians are like Aaron who heard the voices but didn’t know God(Exodus 4 vs 27). He was the spokesman of Moses, he saw the muracles but he never understood the ways of God despite his closeness to General overseer (Moses). You may know your G.O but you may not know the ways of God. Children of Israel saw the miracles that God wrought in their midst through the hand of Moses but they didn’t know the ways of God. So you maybe attending church service but you may still be serving golden calf.

We are going to look at twelve signs that christian is worshipping Golden Calf ( Idol)

Twelve Signs that you are worshipping Golden Calf

  1. When you put people that occupy five fold ministry (Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists) in the place of God.
  2. You see people that occupy the five fold ministry as God
  3. You believe that until you see a particular man of God , your prayer cannot be answered
  4. You believe that until a particular man of God prays for you, your prayer cannot be answered .
  5. You believe that until you get to a particular place or location ( church, camp, mountain), your prayer cannot be answered. John 4 vs 23-24
  6. You believe that there is a particular denomination/ church that has monopoly of God ( John 4 vs 23-24, Mattew 18 vs 5)
  7. Your perception of God is based on your five senses ( what you can see, what you can touch , what you can feel e.g mantles, holy water , anointing oil, soaps, coconut) rather than see God as Spirit that we serve in Spirit and truth. John 4 vs 24
  8. You believe that your prayer cannot be answered by God until someone prays on your behalf (John 14 vs 13-14, John 15 vs 16, John 16 vs 23-24, 1 Timothy 2 vs 5) . Jesus is our meditator and He has removed the wall of separation between us and our father (God) and we have become joint heir . Romans 8 vs 17
  9. You don’t create time to commune with God either in prayer or His word unless you are in midst of brethren in church and during corporate prayers . You cannot pray on you own unless you get to church when joint prayers are raised. You have never created time to seek God on you own except when you are experienced crisis,problems and challenges.
  10. Your primary motive of serving God is for SELF (personal breakthrough, personal success, your family) rather that seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Mattew 6 vs 33. You are seeking God for personal gains. You are not ready to carry cross by living a sacrificial life for others as Jesus died for us. You are only concern with you business, children,family, life rather than living for others by always seeking for ways of bringing lost souls into the kingdom of God from,kingdom of darkness.Mattew 28 vs 19. The moment you notice that some personal testimonies are being delayed or not forthcoming, you will change church or go to another place that can speed up your testimonies or personal gains. You seek God as far as your personal gains can be met or received , otherwise you will change church or probably seek alternatives. These people only use God when things are going smoothly and dump God when they feel that their personal aspirations are not met or delayed
  11. Your purpose of serving , seeking and loving God are to get miracles from Him concerning your problems and challenges rather than seeking to know the ways and Will of God . Romans 8 vs 35-39, 2 Corinthians 12 vs 9-10. You are not different from children of Israel. You only seek after miracles, you do not care on the process that bring the miracle. The only thing you need from God is miracles. You go to church because of miracles, you are not willing to know the ways of God. Your slogan is Miracle, Miracle, and Miracle.
  12. You are serving God as a way to please Him (religious) rather than seeking ways to know God ( Personal Relationship). Ephesian 1 vs 18-19. You see Christianity as number of activities you can do before God can answer your prayer rather than faith in God (Romans 3 vs 21-31). You are so concerned about the offering/tithes, the number of times you must go to church, number of church programmes you must attend rather than seeking ways of knowing God in other to fulfill the two greatest commandment ( love God with your heart, soul and mind , love your neighbor as yourself, Mark 12 vs 29-34, Mattew 22 vs 37-40) , to cloth the naked, feed the hungry, take of sick ,take prisoners ( Mattew 25 vs 46) and develop your personal relationship with God.

I pray that God will help us to continue to know Him and develop our relationship with Him.

Pastor Olayinka Abraham OluseyiView all qoutes by Olayinka Abraham Oluseyi

Olayinka Abraham Oluseyi is a Pastor at Living Water Embassy  and retired head Retail Marketing at first bank of Nigeria plc.

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