Dare to Dream

Let us consider this scripture: Gen 37:19 ” and they said to one another, ‘Behold this dreamer cometh.” This remark was made at Joseph, the eleventh child of Jacob born to him by the woman he loved-Rachael. As I meditated on the statement, one thing that stuck me about the young man Joseph is that the brother called him a dreamer. As I look around the World, studying the life and success stories of great achievers in all area of endavours, there is nothing so extra ordinary about them, they are just dreamers. The word of God says “in the last day, God will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh, and the young men shall see visions (dream).

Here is the dream of Joseph : “now and Joseph dreamed a dream and he told his brethren and they hated him yet the more. Behold we were binding shelves in the field and lo my shelf arose and stood upright and behold your shelves stood round about and make obeisance to my shelf. ” There is no harm in dreaming, as long as your mind can conceive it, your hand can achieve it. No doubt, we are living in difficult times, the season we are in is characterized with a lot of unpleasant experinces. Like I use to tell people, there can never be a pleasant moment, you can only make life pleasant for yourself when you dream. This is the time when your academic qualification or grades in school does not matter as much as what you can see through your inner eyes to make a change in your world.

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As I began to look into the scripture, I see that the principle still remains the same, the answer to our everyday problem; political, educational, economical, financial, environmental etc lies with Dreamers. For some days now, I have been taking time to study the popular reality show, BBNiga, it will amaze you the numbers of Nigerian youths in millions participating in this program despite the high level of immorality and ungodliness it promotes. This show is just a dream and today it has become a phenomena. We trust God to enable us the grace to do our version. (Read my article on “where is your version” ). I want to close today by simply define DREAM from an acronym the Holy Spirit gave to me:

D Determination

R Respect

E Excellence

A Accept responsibility

M Marketing

As I close this line of article, I need to encourage you, many of our dreams may have fallen on the wrong side of the soil probably because of finance, wrong team, attack within and without etc. I can tell you, this challenges will come, it is to try the reality and seriousness of your dream like Joseph who never gave up until he reached his ultimate, know for sure, after a dark tunnel, there will come a glorious light. God bless you.

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Akinwande Praise, a writer, consultant, preacher,and business guru is the MD/CEO of El Phanos Global Resources Ltd and The Executive Director of Centre for Biblical Survey and Theological Seminary

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