I am grateful to God for always giving me a word for you, and I have a great conviction that you have always been blessed with these write ups. May your eyes of understanding be enlightened to receive God’s Word coming your way today in Jesus’ name. I will be exploring a wonderful subject titled: Dealing with Comparison!

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Let me begin by defining the word ‘comparison” According to Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, comparison is the act of evaluating two or more things by determining the relevant characteristics of each thing to be compared and determining which characteristics of each are similar to the other, which are different and to what degree.

Many young people today are anxious and agitated about life and this in turn affects the way they carry and comport themselves. The world we live in today is filled with negativism, misfortune, chaos, calamity, disaster, pressure, stress and the list is endless!

Do not forget that every big thing started small. Every tree with fruits came out of a seed. Every long journey begins with one little step after another and with time eventually gets accomplished! Remember the popular saying, Rome was not built in a day. The same is true about life! The Bible in 2 Peter 3:9 tells us that God is not slow. Therefore, start little, it does not matter where you are now but be focused on God and his wondrous power to elevate you to where He is eventually taking you to (Jeremiah 29:11).

My Husband and I started the ministry little by little, as small prayer groups then fellowship before we had our first cathedral the Grass Cathedral, we could not afford to cook certain meals and wear certain clothes, Infact my sisters often go to a wonderful boutique popularly known as B.D.B (Bend Down Boutique) then to select clothes for me; we did not start with borrowing money to build a cathedral, we humbly started at our level per time not minding what other churches looked like because we knew where God was taking us. We refused to imitate or compare our lives and the operations of our ministry with others. We strictly depended and still depending on God for all directions which has made us distinct from others.


There are many effects of comparison, you must understand that the effects of comparison can never be over emphasized let me show you some.

God is Relegated

Whenever you compare yourself with others you pull God out of the picture and relegate his abilities. You literally tell God that he is insufficient for you. Remember God is a jealous God and hates comparison, Deuteronomy 6:14 -15 says, You shall not go after other gods, the gods of the peoples who are around you— for the Lord your God in your midst is a jealous God—lest the anger of the Lord your God be kindled against you, and he destroy you from off the face of the earth.  Therefore, be content with whatever you have or where ever you are today God is able to grant you all that your heart desires. Please do not pull God aside with comparison but bring him into the scene always by thanking him for the level you are today and see him changing your level in Jesus’ name.

Give Rise to Anxiety

Comparison brings anxiety; this has led to fear of tomorrow, failure, rejection etc. This has also resulted in many being extremely in a hurry and the quest to “make it by all means” among youths; which in turn lures them to getting involved in many unbelievable vices.  This will not be your portion in Jesus name. Comparison robs you of the package that God has for you because you must be patient to obtain the promise. The Bible says: Rest in the lord and wait patiently for him fret not thyself because of he who prospereth in his ways, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass (Psalms 37 vs 7). There is always a blessing for those who wait patiently for the lord; He might seem slow but He is never slow, He is taking you through a process to make you better and you shall get there in Jesus name.

I enjoin you today, to stop comparing yourself with other people, your friends might be ahead of you please do not fret about them but look up to God, the Bible says: They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed (Psalms 34 vs 5). When you depend solely on God you will never be put to shame.

Having read through this piece, I know you have come to an understanding that it is only Jesus that can grant you the grace to live a life free of comparison, I recommend that you invite him into your life today to take over your thoughts, if you want to make this decision right now, Please say this prayer of faith:

Father, I realise that I have been a sinner. Today I believe you died and rose on the third day redeeming me from all my sins. Now I accept you lord, save me and accept me as your child, write my name in the book of life Thank You Father for saving me in Jesus’ Name.


Congratulations You are now a child of God and have experienced salvation in Jesus Name Amen. You can call or write and share your testimonies with me via or 07026385437 and 08141320204.

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