Devils Den

Devils Den

Not long after her Ministry began in her hometown would she encounter her first principality. Six miles from her home town there was a town that was infamously called the “Devils Den.”


It was place where churches would die instead of thrive, a town that would see no conversions and where the toughest of sinners lived. Maria would say about the town that it was widely known for “infidelity and skepticism.” It is believed that there was only one church in town where no one was ever known to be converted, many ministers from across the country have tried to come in and bring a change but were not successful.

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She announced a meeting in the Devils den and a large crowd met her, really only out of curiosity to see if she would back out and quit like every other minister did before her.

Maria had to do all the singing, preaching and ministering herself since no one was brave enough to join her in any of her services, for days Maria struggled but was persistent in her mission to take down the stronghold of the area, after a couple of meetings she was led by the Holy Spirit to pray against the principality and not too long afterwards hundreds were at the revival meetings, many were converting to Christ in a land that had not seen conversions, and even after Maria left, the Devils den continued to blossom in the gospel!

Roberts Liardon – Author, public speaker, spiritual leader, church historian and humanitarian

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