When my pair of glasses got broken, I wrote about how painful it was because it seems to be part of me.

I wrote about how it makes me feel incomplete and the struggle of straining my eyes in order to better zoom objects.

I assumed that seeing objects is not as bad as that but the glasses is just okay for me even though I initially declined using it.

For over a month I was without it but got it fixed few days ago. The excitement was awesome. I can’t imagined having the whole of it fixed and the new look that I wear with it.

Within that same week, I got my new book. The sight of books have always been a temptation to me. The same with any book lover or writer.

It is something I can spend my last kobo on. And adding to my library is equal to adding to my wealth of knowledge.

From these two lines of stories, I realised that the beauty of sight and mind.

While fixing my pair of glasses is like enhancing my sight, getting a new book is like fixing my mind.

You can’t fix both and your life won’t be full of light.

I know you remember pretty well the story of the man whose sight was restored by Jesus but was seeing men as tree not until Christ gave him a second touch.

Jesus said, if your eyes is single, your body will be full of light.

Much more than the normal sight is the eyes of the mind. When your mind is fixed with resourceful materials, it gives you an edge in life.

Knowledge gotten through a deliberate reading floods the heart with the light and bring you out of ignorance into the limelight.

This is the greatest of all the light. Somebody may be without the physical eyes but if the mind is properly fixed, every other things will experience a shift.

The heart of this piece may be to call you into a need to be a knowledge- driven person whose pursuit is to be flooded with light.

Don’t give up until the whole of you is full of light that lights others’ path.

However, beyond this truth, we all need to fix something about ourselves in the same way my pair of glasses was fixed.

It may be your attitude. Perhaps you are suffering from a deformed character.

It may be that broken relationship. That may not be the end of that relationship, you can still fix it. “Sorry” can fix it!

In your own case, your past may be hunting and sending you into the shadow of who you are, but you can fix it!

Yeah! I know you have been a victim of rape and molestation. This may not be your fault but you got to move on. Fix the past, pull over and open a new page!

To tell you the most amazing past of it, God in his majesty fixed something.

He fixed humanity back to their rightful position after the fall of man in the Garden of Eden through Christ Jesus.

That is the ultimate fixation that you can enjoy today- your relationship with God.

The scripture says, “we became God’s enemy and the wall of partition was built.” but through Christ that wall of was broken and we now have peace with God.

When this is fixed, every other things will fit in and take a proper shape. All you need is to accept Him!

Fix your relationship with God and fix other necessary things about your life so that you can get better.


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Isaacsogo is a graduate of microbiology. He writes, Speaks and Teaches

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