Rev Dr. John Akpami is one of the Fathers of faith in Nigeria.

His ministry, Global Revival Gospel Ministies Inc. A.K.A. Christian Teaching Centre, with head quarters in Zaria, Kaduna state is currently building one of the largest ultra modern churches in northern Nigeria.

The building project is seated in Kuregu, Zaria, Kaduna State.
It is meant to seat over 10,000 worshipers in each service.
At present, the building is at the roofing stage.
The building is meant to be like a child of a bigger project which the ministry started years ago. It is called the Jordan project. An entire city on its own. The Jordan project is in progress too.
Apart from the church 10,000 seater auditorium, this project is also housing an ultra modern bible school campus and leadership school.
Very soon the project will be concluded.

On the 29th of September 2019, a thanksgiving service will be held at the venue.

The service is a thanksgiving in gratitude to God for how far he has brought the project

According to Dr. John Akpami, this project will be a sign and a wonder that will show the world that great things can still come out of this part of northern Nigeria despite the security challenges Like Our Page to get more news

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