The Bonnke-Clan from East-Germany did not know Jesus. This was my family. My grandfather August Bonnke was very sick indeed. A mysterious disease had knocked him down, which doctors could not diagnose.

He suffered excruciating pains and screamed day and night for years. But then a miracle happened. An American missionary of the “Assembly of God” lost in 1922 his way in the enormous forests, where my people lived. His name was Louis Graf. These missionaries were full of the Holy Spirit.

Wherever they went they prayed for the sick and saw mighty miracles. When Louis Graf got lost in the forest and came to our village, the first question was “Is there anybody sick here?” O yes! It was my very own grandfather.
Louis Graf entered August Bonnke’s household like a blazing lantern in a dismal cavern. Cobwebs of religious doubt and stagnation were swept aside as he moved toward the bed where August lay writhing in agony.

He proclaimed liberty to the downtrodden, healing to the sick, and salvation to the poor needy sinner. He announced that the Holy Spirit had been sent for a demonstration of the power of God that could make all things new.

He took the sick man by the hand and commanded that he rise and be made whole in the name of Jesus. August felt a jolt of heaven’s power surge through his body.

He leapt from his sickbed and stood trembling like a criminal around whom the walls of a prison had just fallen. He looked at his arms and legs as if iron chains had just been struck from them. He felt his once swollen and inflamed joints, and they were renewed to a supple and youthful state.

His wife, Marie, who had been at his bedside for years, began to weep. He began to walk, then to run, then to leap, then to shout. He grabbed his wife and embraced her with tears running freely down his face.

A moment ago, he had been unable to endure the slightest touch on his skin. Now, he was a man set free of pain. He was free indeed.
I, Reinhard Bonnke, was born 18 years later. My father Hermann Bonnke had become a pastor. The fire of the Holy Spirit had transferred to him and later to me. God called me to be an Evangelist in Africa. I founded the ministry of “Christ For All Nations” and saw almost 80 million souls receive Jesus as their Savior. May the same holy flame jump into your heart and get you going for God; and may many a “lawnmower” be exchanged for a “combine harvester” in the ripe harvest fields of souls. Blessed?

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