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Pharao asked Jacob. Jacob answered with a tone of regret, (wasted years).

However, the wasted years bought joy into his family as the result of Joseph elevation.

How old are you, sometimes it is a rhetorical question that is asks from someone judging either the speedy acceleration or deceleration of a life.

At some point in life, frankly speaking, age shouldn’t be the barrier for one’s progress in life though; energy diminishes as we ages and certain things likely elude our life.

Nevertheless, it is apparently to understand that as the energy diminishes so the human effort decreases. And hence, certain goals not accomplish.

Moreover, in other words, one can achieve it but perhaps not live longer to enjoy it.

The Executive Director of KETURKEY FRIED CHICKEN (K.F.C) started late in his lifestyle but the question is that, did he live longer to enjoy it”?

It is well advisable to starts earlier rather than to let another person to dominate the fruit of labor.

Imagine Jesus Christ started his ministerial late, would he perform exceedingly?

Though there is what is called divine grace but absolutely not for everyone. Bible says “remember thy lord in your youthful days” not when you`re getting older.

Also, Paul Apostle admonished Timothy that “don’t let anyone reproached your youthful prime”.

This is because it is the tender age that one can be energized to perform exceedingly. Do you know that the founder of Apple, one of the most innovative technology companies of the 20th and indeed 21st century, STEVE JOBS AND STEVE WOZNIAK started it at the age of 21 and 26 respectively? MIKE LAZARIDIS AND DOUG FREGIN started Blackberry, one of the most successful and pioneering technology? FREDRIK IDESTAM at the age of 27 started Nokia? Nokia is everywhere in the world now. We use to go to Google on the website for searching, but SERGEY BRIN AND LARRY PAE almost 10years ago at the age of24 and 25 respectively birth it? All these and many more become global brands. You can still do something now. Your year on earth must not be wasted. "Teach us to number each of our days so that we may grow in wisdom" Ps 90:12.

In conclusion, it isn’t late to amend but make haste to the vision so that you`ll live a fulfill life.

Dr. Ayodele Emmanuel-Olopade, 

Church planter and lead pastor of New Wine Apostolic Communion Church .

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