Clearly, these are unusual times for Pastors and churches. The pandemic has brought new normal to the way we do and run churches, though many church leaders are unwilling, unprepared and not ready for the times, the more reason majority reacts to the pandemic in various ways in their churches.
Our Lord Jesus loved His church and has always used persecutions to keep her purified over the centuries. I was amazed to see how Jesus always maintained a purified church with the traditional, hierarchical one. His remnant was often on the run from the hierarchical, institutional church.
And I believe that God has a purpose in Covid-19 to perfect his church even further. Most churches will never be the same after this pandemic, unless they transition to become the purified church of Christ, from institutional, traditional church.
That’s why purified pastors must know how to lead the purified church well during and after this pandemic.

  1. UNDERSTAND THE TIMES AND WHATS HAPPENING. —Every church leader must be properly informed of the times we are in and be scripturally informed of what is happening. The times is called the “perilous times of the last days” 2 Timothy 3:1-4; 1 TImothy 4:1
  2. BE VERY PRAYERFUL AND SPIRIT- FILLED. A purified minister must be Spirit and Word filled in these times, walking in the Spirit, not in the flesh. Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the nurturing of your people.
  3. ADAPT AND ADOPT TO CHANGING TIMES. Church leaders must adapt their preaching and church practices to changing times, not conspiracy theories and being obstinate.
  4. MOVE FROM TRADITIONAL CONGREGATIONS TO PURIFIED SMALL GROUPS. The times we are demands that we go back to how the purified church started and continues for centuries- small groups in homes, open yards, spaces everywhere in 7-8-10 people in sincere fellowships and worship. Acts 20;20. That will demand you raise small group leaders who can faithfully lead those groups and report back sincerely.
  5. SHOW CARE AND CONCERN TO YOUR PEOPLE. This is the time to visit, counsel, exhort them in the Lord and encourage them to stand for Christ in every situation they find or would find themselves. Also pray with them regularly. You can also delegate your under leaders to do that also.
  6. BE INTERESTED IN THEIR WELFARE. Take care of their physical and material needs as much as your budget can allow. Pay your staff, ministers and workers generously this time. Do community social responsibility to your immediate church community now. You can do food outreach , medical outreach and gospel and prayer outreach this time. It can be individual and corporate.
  7. STROKE UP HIS FIRE, DEVOTIONS INSIDE YOU. This is the time that rivers of living waters of the Holy Spirit must flow out of you to the people and populace. And you can get that when the fire of the HOLY SPIRIT is kindled inside you by daily devotions.
  8. BUILD PEOPLES FAITH IN CHRIST AND HIS INFALLIBLE WORD. You can only do that when you refused to be confused and are purposeful in life and ministry. You will not be confused when you truly rely on Christ, His infallible word and will and ways. Psalm 71:1
  9. WORK TO CHANGE WHAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED. Things are fast changing and to be current and correct, church leaders need to change. For example, phone has changed to become a mi is try tool today. Virtual ministrations to an unseen audience is the key today. So, embrace necessary change.
  10. TAKE YOUR MESSAGE TO SOCIAL MEDIA. Go online with a clear message. Invest in yourself, equipments and technical abilities to minister to a world audience, beyond the four walls of your church. While online, satellite or television and social media outreach and broadcast have their place, yet it cannot replace one on one and small group outreach, nurturing and discipleship.
  11. PREPARE FOR WHEN YOUR CHURCH WILL RE-OPEN. Keep training your under leaders and workers. Take stock of what you’ve been doing right or wrongly and adjust. Sanctify your location regularly with spiritual warfare prayers and get ready to rearrange your church to achieve Christ purpose. Breakdown the institutional and traditional church mode, to that of the purified church of Christ.
  12. MAKE SURE YOU ARE CLOSE TO YOUR BIBLE. Read and reread your bible afresh. Re-study your lessons and notes very well. Go over your bible lessons again and again, lest you be deceived with lots of false teachings flying here and there today.
    Am very sure that if you follow these guidelines, you can lead well a purified church that will become rapturable very soon.

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Francis Bola Akin-John, Empowering Leaders to Grow Healthier Churches and Ministries Started ministry in 1988. Has now been in ministry for 21 years. Pastored 5 denominational churches in the space of 8 years.
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