2 Chro 26:1-23

Quite sad and disheartening that many ministers who found themselves in ministry fail to learn survival strategies in ministry. Furthermore, many are not aware that minsitry has a way of killing, maiming, fatally wounding and swallowing up ministers. Scriptural and secular history are replete with examples of men and women that have been ruined by ministry, one way or the other. Men who started strongly but ended sadly. People who provided graphic picture of a sad ending to a promising start. Mention could be made of Balam, Eli, Gehazi, Samson, Uzziah, Solomon, Judahs and Dermas in scripture. In contemporary history, you can remember Alexandar Dowle, Jimmy Baker, Jimmy Swaggant and host of others.

Ministry suck people up, If survival strategies are not learnt, imbibed and practised, then, ministry terrain will be a dangerous one to navigate.

A. Promising start. 2 Chro 26:1-8

King Uzziah started so powerfully. He sought the Lord, he had a good adviser, mentor and counsellor in godly, Prophet Zachariah. He was helped by many people to build very strong military might. These are signs of a good start:-

God’s revelation and call Powerful gifts and annointing Intensive prayers and promises Divine favour and assistance Divine blessing and fruitfulness God’s hand to promote and prosper

Many of us who are in the ministry, though started so slowly, will latter find that God’s blessing comes upon us as we remain faithful, godly, truthful, faithful, and prayerful.

B. What kills people in ministry: II Chro 26:16-23

When Uzziah became strong elements, both within him and without, he became proud, lost his relationship with his mentor and became leproos and was banished from the house of God and the throne. These are what kill people in ministry;-

Pride and praise of men Pleasure and personal agenda Being accountable to no one all in a bid to have freedom from everybody. Disrespecting those who help and assit you Wealth, riches and fame Character weakness and dishonesty Taking advantage of those under your care Neglecting those things that brought you to where you are Too much activities, meetings and burn out Neglecting your home, family and friends Devlish and demonic traps and machinations Disobedient to God and queching His spirit Wrong association, friendship and mentorship Loss of focus, godly values and chasing shadows Pursuing success, connection and breakthrough at all cost

These are the major elements that have combined to slay and ruin so many ministers in the ministry today. Quite sadly, many once strong men and women, highly annointed have been slayed by these ‘tiny’ giants.

C. How to survive in ministry. Rom 8:35-37

Ministry is not for the faint – hearted and easily discouraged. There are many things that kill people in ministry, but you must survive them all. Survivalist strategies in ministry are hereby enumerated below:-

  1. Relentlessly pursue God: II Chro 26;5b

Always ask for grace, divine enablement and mercy.
Rise up again and again to keep on seeking His face.

  1. Be accountable to a godly and good friend, mentor and adviser. II Chro 26:5a Someone who can speak the truth to you without looking at your face
    Someone who can mention your first name
    Someone who is a good model, counsellor and you respect
    Someone who love, respect and value you, but doesn’t fear you
    Someone who has keen spiritual insight and divine approval upon his life
  2. Respect those who have helped, assisted and supported you.
    II Chro 26;9-15, 17, 18, 19. Never forsake them, disobey them or disvalue them. Show courtesy,
    appreciation and endless praise to them. Reward them and stay close to them.
  3. Have a realistic view of yourself. Don’t overstep your boundry. Don’t have a high view of yourself. Remember where you are coming from. Fight against pride and ungratefulness in your heart.
  4. Be submissive and teacheable: I Pet 5;6 Don’t lose a teacheable and learning spirit. Keep learning and be teacheable. A teachable spirit can take you to the pinnacle of the highest mountain. When you no longer see the need to learn, then you start to descend the ladder of leader ship.
  5. Live by godly value system: I Pet 2:21-25 See and view things from God’s perspective, not worldly view point. Place the same value that God placed on people, properties and priorities.
  6. Seek for prayer shield. Exo 17:8-13 Don’t be too proud to ask for prayer support, intercession and upliftment in prayer.
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