Man Purpose, God’s Agenda

There comes a time in everyone’s life and there arises a very important question  in the quietness of  your  heart,

“what am I here for,””what is the reason and purpose for my existence”, some choose their Academic certification,profession,Talent,Vocation , wealth, marriage , children as their answers. 🤔Despite these answers they choose, they feel they are not fulfilled neither satisfied because there is a continual desire to keep pursuing even when they have enough.

Men are substituting PURPOSE to ACTIVITIES.

Dear reader, have you ever ask your maker, the PURPOSE for your existence?, why did God create you the way you are?, have u gotten an answer from him directly?.

No one else can give u an accurate answer to that question except him that created you.

The MANUFACTURER is the one that determines the PURPOSE of the PRODUCTS.

The product doesn’t choose or determine it’s own purpose.

The purpose of any product is in the Manufacturer.

When you operate differently from what you are designed to fulfill, then you are MISUSED and ABUSED.

My FEARS for the CHURCH IN AFRICA | Dr. Akin Francis(Opens in a new browser tab)

 It is a tragedy that a man can live a hundred years on this earth and not touch one-third of what he was created to do. Some might even discover late and have only few years left to do what he was created to do. This write up is aimed to stir up the hunger to find out with accuracy what exactly you have been created and designed uniquely to do.


The first point to note is that God did not create any man to be useless and be without purpose. Every children is given to this earth has a purpose to fulfill, irrespective of circumstance through which  the child is begotten.


God is not thinking about what is he going to do with you now , NO!. He already has an agenda before you were formed in the womb. Just like he told Jeremiah I knew you and ordained you a prophet unto the nations even before you were formed in the belly.

So also is Everyman born of a woman.


It was God’s Will to create man and

Man was created for God’s purpose.

It is important to note,

 no man created himself and because of this the purpose of man cannot be discovered outside of God.

It is fruitless to live outside of God as many do and become a corrupted version of God’s purpose for them.

For a man to think his life is his own and can live it as he Will is to  be living in delusion as a result of being deceived by the devil.

Listen up folks, you did not create yourself, you do not own yourself. There is someone who created you and he has a Purpose for creating you and it is only in Him that you can find fulfillment of this purpose. It was God’s original intention to create you and it is to serve His own agenda. You may see it as your purpose but it is ultimately Gods agenda and until you submit to Him you will not find real meaning to Life. Submit,seek and receive Him today and hold on to His feet till you discover,understand and fulfill His  purpose for your life.


Bro. Ilori Abiodun.

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