I feel I should start sharing some ministry lessons with my friends, here, hence this series from today. It will be every week thing, until I feel you have got some that will serve you in good stead in this onerous work of Christ’s Kingdom. Cheers!
There are no mistakes in life, but lessons to be learnt. Life itself is a lesson. The Bible is meant to teach us lessons of life and eternity (Romans 15:4; I Cor. 10:11). If you don’t learn your lessons, you cannot go far in life. Hebrew 5:8
✓ You can learn lessons from others
✓ You can learn lessons from history
✓ You can learn lessons by being taught
✓ You can learn lessons through books
✓ You can learn lessons from your negative experience.
Whichever way, you need and will continue to learn lessons. If you don’t learn them easy, you will learn them the hard way. Until you pass God’s test through learning lessons, you are not ready for His promotion.

In the Church Growth ministry of over 35 years, I have learnt numerous lessons that have helped my life, confidence, courage and contributed greatly to God moving the ministry to the present level. I’m willing to share those lessons with you in this post.

Know who called you, what He has called you to do – John 1:22-23 Ministry is all about God’s agenda, purpose and assignment, therefore you must receive clear mandate from Him and work where He assigned you. It’s important that you recognize His voice, leading and direction in your life personally. While others may confirm your calling, yet, He must speak clearly to you. That means you must have a vibrant relationship with Him in prayer, fasting and fellowship of His word.

Develop yourself with the ministry – Col. 1:29 You must invest in your spiritual, physical, mental, ministerial and leadership competence in ministry. Your ministry is hinged largely on your personal development. If you fail to study, learn, take courses and lay good foundation for your personal development, your ministry will crash-land soonest. Ministry is a long haul, not a short distance race, therefore you must grow and develop with it. The greater impact you want to make, the more you must develop.

Focus on your Ministry – Phil 3:13 If you don’t focus on your focus, you will never be a focus. Stay put in your calling. Stop deviating or criss-crossing here or there. Stay where He has placed you, until He moves you to higher place or realm. Without proper focus and priority, you can never make noticeable impact in ministry. There is no small calling or ministry, if you focus on it.

Use Criticism to improve – Isaiah 8:20 Too many ministers have quitted and abandoned their calling simply because they were severely criticized by those they expect to support them. Accept that not everybody will see the vision with you. You will be harshly criticized. People will judge you critically, but you must use such to challenge, improve and correct yourself. Don’t quit because someone you respect criticized you. If you are able to use criticism rightly, your ministry can flourish.

Great things always start in a small way – Luke 2:7 It is better for great vision to start in a small way and grow with it, than for small vision to start in a great way and die prematurely. Where you start doesn’t matter, where you are going is what matters. Therefore don’t be afraid to start small, in obscurity and unknown. Don’t start with big titles, positions, places and elaborate arrangements.

Don’t ever build your ministry on guest speakers – Pro. 10:14 Ministry that is built on guest speakers will never last. It will reel to and fro. It will never be stable because various speakers will come with their various ideas, doctrines and methods. It will only be a ‘cash and carry’ ministry. Rather, build the ministry on your self-development. Let God give you a system in His word and truth of the gospel of His Son, and guest speakers should be sparingly used to bring freshness or perspectives once in a while.

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