My FEARS for the CHURCH IN AFRICA | Dr. Akin Francis

In the last two decades I have been opportuned  by the Lord to study,research and interceded for the church in our nation and continent. I LOVE the local church (and I hope you know that from my posts), but I fear more for the African church every time I have to reflect and meditate deeply about happenings in our churches.

 Here are some of my fears:

1.I fear we are raising a biblically illiterate church. There is too much biblical ignorance, practices and misinterpretations in our pulpits and pews. Most of our churches are not built on the foundation of the Undiluted Word of God, but on dreams,visions,prophetic,miracles,success and secular things. Even most of our top preachers never sees the need for sound biblical training before entering ministry. There is more of motivational preachings than sound biblical teachings,,which has left the church shallow, desolate and stagnant.

2.I fear we are shifting into errors and strange doctrines.Those who emphasize one truth above the other almost always stress them into extremes. Success has gone into materialism, deliverance has turn -to -enemy -must -die, miracles has turn to magic, and so forth. Our pulpits are too carnal to bring genuine transformation to hearts,lives,homes and society.

3.I fear we are raising mere followers, nominal Christians than true disciples of Christ. Christians are much more devoted to a church name, denomination and a leader than Christ, His Kingdom and gospel.

4.I fear we lower the scriptural standard of who becomes a preacher or pastor. Today our churches has thrown GOD’S “calling” and standard for His servants to the dogs. Every dick and Harry has become a minister, prophet and pastor, hence the daily evil happenings by so called men and women of God.

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5.I fear we are systematically killing the local church. We start churches quite right, but we don’t respect nor nurture local churches to healthy growth. Rather we evolve systems and practices that renders the local churches powerless and impact less in her localities.

6. I fear we are losing personal prayer power. Our “prayer meetings ” hardly compare to some of the long, gut-wrenching, heart-rending prayer times we have in times past. Our prayers are now largely selfish, empty and about material blessings only. A truly praying pastor and church as house of genuine prayers and intercession is very rare today.

7.I fear we tolerate sin far too much. I’ve seen and heard preachers who glamorize sins, whitewash and cajole sins. We indulge in heinous sins and sweep them under the carpet. Hypocritical living by both preachers and Christians is at a high level. Denouncing sins is at a low ebb in the church here and the supposed revival we are having are only circus shows.

8. I fear  we’re not providing enough practical training for young ministers and missionaries.  We welcome breakaways, disloyalty among young ministers. We ordain and collect monies from young ministers who took away their mentors churches, never went for any quality training and ordain them into ministry.

9. I fear that today’s ministry is too monetized. Preachers, church leaders emphasize money, money and money to ridiculous heights. We devise every means to collect offerings,seeds, pledges and charge people for our services, and use those hard earned money of people on our fantasies.

10. I fear we are too fragmentized, disunited and secularised for God. Too many conflicting voices teaching contrasting things in the church. Too much secular emphasizes, packaging, swagger and branding that is devoid of Spirituality and godliness.

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Just my genuine fears for the church here. If you agree with any of these, pick one and work on it. Strengthen the Nigerian church by beginning with your congregation.

I strongly believe that a purging is coming very,very soon. God will purge His church, because it is only a healthy local church that will witness and welcome the rapture of the saints,soonest.


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