Preparation: An Absolute Must For A Lasting Success. Part 2

(Luke: 19.; Habakkuk :2:1-10)
I will continue my discuss about preparation stated last week

Preparation is a root of success in which other tools that enhances its sustainability often becomes the branches. Consequently, 2Chronicles chapter twenty seven explained explicitly the achievement of King Jotham in Judah. It was clearly understandable that those successes he achieved wouldn’t have succeeded if he hadn’t prepared his ways before the Lord his God (2chr 27:6)

It is essential to note that it is the spiritual plan that will facilitate the physical achievement. Jotham prepared his ways spiritually and hence physical achievement followed. (Luke chapter 19) The spiritual and secular race involved a foresee preparation in which that encourages lasting success. However, our readiness to receive determines the sustainability thereafter. Luke 19, described Zacchaeus as a dubious chief tax collector but his readiness and preparation to salvation made him climbed the tree of sycamore as he was so eager to receive his salvation. It is absolutely right to arrive at the verdict that the preparation of Zacchaeus was the first factor that Jesus Christ considered in his expression. Initially, he wanted to be saved but his preparation towards it made it quicker as he made a quick restitution for the salvation. Habakkuk: 2:1-10 It is one thing to have a vision and it is another thing to have a strategic plan to understand the price of preparation. However, the book of Habakkuk 2:3 secretly elucidated the one factor that hinders the fulfillment of vision. Vision will be accomplished at the appointed time but it attached with the preparation of mind to patience says Lord. Every vision is bound to achieve at the appointed time.” Though it tarries, but wait come it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry”. While preparing to make a vision plain and smart, it is advisable to heed and prepared for longanimity to wait patiently as it may take time but it will surely come to pass.

Life is not competition; you are not competing with anybody. Make sure you prepare for your assignment, and be the best in your field. Preparation makes you a champion in your Profession.

Locate your assignment and purpose, and begin to prepare now. You purpose is inside you, don’t die with that purpose inside you. Until you locate your purpose their will not be fulfillment.

How do you prepare for your purpose?
(1) You must locate your purpose of your living. You must be sure of those things you are made of.
(2) You develop your dream and vision around your purpose. Means you must know the vision of your calling, you must able to visualize and be the best.
(3) You give yourself enough time to prepare for your purpose.
You must begin to search for what go along with your purpose. (a)You must begin to study. (b)You must have a mentor. (c) You begin to read books that go along with your purpose. You begin to prepare before you show the world your purpose. The more you know, the better way you survive in your purpose. Your preparation must be very strong in fulfilling your purpose in life Jesus used thirty years to prepare.
(4) You will note down all things you need to do to fulfill your assignment in fulfilling your purpose. When you list everything you need and you are very sure of it. You begin to training yourself on those things you note down.
(5) You need to sets goals in your assignment in fulfilling your purpose. A life without goals cannot determine whether he is progressing.
(6) You must discipline yourself on your assignment in fulfilling your purpose. Success is doing something that is proper but not convenient. You must begin to do what is not convenient but is right in fulfilling your purpose. You need to move away from your comfort zone. You must be discipline in everything you need to fulfill your assignment and purpose in life.
From the Pastor desk, Pastor Seyi Olayinka.

Remain Blessed.

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Olayinka Abraham Oluseyi is a Pastor at Living Water Embassy  and head Retail Marketing at first bank of Nigeria plc.

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