Love making is a one factor that identifies the sustainability of a family, which would not not allowed enemy of family, however; insensitive and self-originated ethics of spirituality of perceptions of sex have contributed massively to the breakup of many homes. In most cases, this always resides to the part of woman. Sex isn’t only an avenue for reproduction but it serves many purposes to uphold the family.

Every woman has uniformity perception of sex, they often use it to punish their husband in which that it is usually risky and thus, perhaps affects the psychological and physiological state of the victim.

One fact every woman doesn’t understand is that toying with your husband emotion isn’t a punishment on his side alone but self-perpetuated avenue that often made a woman to lose her matrimony value. Many women keep building the spiritual, financial and intellectual value but resist the emotional value. Consequently every other aspect tends to lose its value in absence of emotional improvement.  Don’t be only spiritual, Intellectual and physical attracted to him but emotional seduction is expected from you. A virtuous attributes isn’t complete if a woman lacks emotional consideration in regard to love making. Be the reason he comes home early.

In other words, when a wife is keeping away her body from her husband, such is building on breakup, because every man is innately tend to be flexible to emotional sensitivity, and hence he is likely to give room for extra marital affairs.

I have quoted earlier that sex is not all about making children. You must be a different woman to your husband every time. Seduce your husband, don't always allow your husband to ask for love making, there must be no timetable for love making. Be creative, don't be predictable. Give him what he wants. If you lose influence over your husband, you have lost womanhood.

Every man cherishes and adores an asset type of wife.  Be part of your husband plans. Don’t turn to be an unnecessary introvert when he needs your contribution on crucial matters.
When a man is sexually satisfied, he is emotionally stable. Stop saying, is it food? Yes, sex is food!!!
As a wife, try to invest in yourself spiritually so you can adequately support him. Build yourself as his prayer warrior so that you will not be forced to pray at the end of your life. Don't allow your husband to provide all your needs, he is not a money making machine. Iron sharpens iron, try to reciprocate and that makes you an asset.
You are meant to support each other spiritually, financially, physically and morally through thick and thin. You are a builder....Wise woman buildeth her home. Do not be too outspoken, know when to talk, when to listen and when to be quiet.
Love your husband with all your heart, never tell him, if not because of my children, remember you've known him before the arrival of those children.

Stop being a bulldozer but a practical builder with every trait of factors that enhances positive result to the family. 


On a contrary, it must be understandable on the side of the man that love making to your wife doesn’t give you the effrontery of reproducing as many as possible and without consent Make her feel important and identify her self-worth respect her and hence unanimously on the numeric offspring you desire as a family.

It is not advisable for every man to encourage superiority and masculinity mentality in regard to love making to your wife. In most cases, women doesn’t intentionally to be rigid but men characters in dealing with women often seems inhumane and perhaps unspeakable and thus, women likely make it difficult to men to have access to their body.  Every woman tends to feel inferior whenever a man shows the power of masculinity. But rather, every woman wants a practical equality.

In other words, men are sometimes been the motive why some women lose their self-confident and as a result, they feel non instrumental in the family.

Every woman cherishes an open man. As it is applicable to man, so does in the part of woman, there shouldn’t be a secret but be outspoken in every areas.

There is always a hidden desire that every woman want from the man and that is “I WANT TO FEEL IMPORTANT

If the above statement is essentially address then I must courageously say that your home is going to be role model for others.



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Writer Olasupo Adebimpe 

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