Should We Allow Dating among the Youth  in Church?

Frustration and emotional stress have always cause headache of heart as regard choosing spouse or relationship matters in the Church. Youth are usually the victim of the circumstance. However, it is usually applicable to those who are instrumental in the church. They usually encounter stress of an impulsive decision from the religious leader.

In other words, “is it religious to have a spouse partner in the same Church or is it spiritual rightful for our religious leader to impulse the decision of youth while choosing a spouse?”

Here is the reality, the above subject is crucial but usually handle levity in which that peradventure contribute to unforeseen circumstances, sometimes it turn out to be destructive as many youth also believe that the relationship that is matched up by the spiritual leader usually seems to be perfect and last in nature and as the result, they often place high expectation and usually want them to decide on whom to marry.

In addition, please don`t get it contradictory as the manner of approach doesn’t castigate the spiritual leader but I think the reality remains that nobody is spiritually obligated to control or imposes on any youth decision as regard whom to date or marry in the Church rather than to focus their objectivities on the teaching that will influences the pros & cons that associated with any ungodly intimacy.

I think ungodly intimacy should be the ultimate goal that every religious leader should prevent among the youth rather than imposing their decision. But it is very devastated that ungodly intimacy is rampant in Church among the youth in recent dispensation.

I think to put stop to ungodly intimacy in the Church, the below maybe useful.


Modesty [1 Timothy 2:9-10]

This is first pillar that should guide the procedures of every Church. Modesty lifestyle is usually the bedrock that limits the existence of every evil thought. Consequently, an immoral act is bound to near any Church that lacks modesty. Modesty in the word of God, Teaching, Praise and Worship and every ordinances of the church program, Word of God is likely not effective if it lacks modesty.

  • Use of pornographic words pornographic is everywhere; in recent time, it is usually unknowingly as Church often practically encourages pornographic dressing. It is not necessarily means nude pictures but the immodest dressing of the congregation often speaks differently in the heart of the people. Before further process of ungodly intimacy begins in the church, the mindset of the youth must have firstly corrupted by the physical sighting. However, the sense of seeing is automatically transfer to the heart and thus, it is likely practicable.

Moreover, corruptible mind started from the certain words that are deposited into it and as a result every youth is bound to promote whatever hears often.

  • Introducing ungodly western doctrine the use of certain gestures and body languages of exchanging pleasantries likely give another meaning to the youth. Initially such shouldn’t be the cause of act that lure youth into ungodly intimacy but in recent time, I could observed that these are the simple factors that often accumulate to the every ungodly act.
  • Charity begins from home this is the popular aphorism that everyone believe that it should be commonly address at individual home. However, spiritual morals and ethical behavior is also obligated to be given in church.

Spiritual ethical behavior without sense of discipline does not perfect it functions in the heart of the listener.

Nevertheless, it should be strictly adhere to the sense of hearing of very youth the pros and cons for anyone that violate God`s commandment. It is on this note I would conclude that ungodly intimacy would not only affect the victim but also tarnishes the image the Church if it is not averted.

I would love your thoughts on this, and if you have found something that works better, please comment to let me know.

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Pastor  Oladosu K. P. is the one  Pastoring CGAC(Power & Praise),the founder of Messanic Kingdom of Christ, Passionate about Christ Jesus also the CEO of

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