2 King 4 vs 1-7 Part two

In case you have not read Part one.

God has given everybody on the earth resources that will enable us to carry out our assignment on this earth. The resources are available for us to fulfill destiny. No one is permitted to lack a job or do no work. These resources are available, but few people recognize these resources and convert them to fulfilling their purpose in life.

What are these resources? They are resources of Time and resources of labour.

Before we look at the two resources in depth, let us see what happens if you don't have job:

The disadvantage of Joblessness 

  • 1. You don't have money to spend
  • 2. You don't have a regular income
  • 3. You cannot afford whatever you like or want

The above are the disadvantages of joblessness that many focus on and they use as an excuse not to carry out the purpose of God for their life.

But joblessness has unimaginable advantages that outweigh the disadvantages if someone is willing and open his or her heart to use them for success in life.

The advantages are;

1)It exposes you to the greatest wealth in the world which is time. You have time to do anything in the world. Both successful and unsuccessful people have the same 24 hours. The way we use time affect our productivity in life. Many people don't recognize the wealth of time   and some people don't know what to do with time.

2)You are stripped of all strings of life that can keep you in bondage. You are not under company or working conditions that will make you leave house around 4am; you aren’t afraid that someone will sack you; you are not under the manipulation of Uncle Sam’s system, rat race. You are free to do anything. You are not committed to any obligation.

Let us see how we can use time to turn joblessness into creating a job, work and purpose for yourself.

The 10,000 Hour Rule. 

It was a rule closely associated with psych writer Malcom Gladwell. The principle holds that 10,000 hours of deliberate practice are needed to become world class in any field. Deliberate practice means practicing in a way that pushes your skill set as much as possible. So, if you put in 6 hours into any field/vocation, training or job, it takes you five years to become expert on the field/job. If you put in three hours’ every day, you will need ten years to become expert. Bill Gates is an example of people that used 10,000-hour rule. He started using computer since his teen years. Even our lord Jesus at age of twelve started sitting in the midst of doctors, listening and asking questions (Luke 2 vs 42-49. He was deploying qualities time to the preparation of His ministry.

A jobless person can make use of this rule in the field that he has developed passion and put it in as much hours as possible to study, learning new skills, go for training, acquiring new skills. After sometimes he or she will become expert on their chosen field

2)Another gift that God gives us is labour/work.

Genesis 2 vs 15. God commands Adam to take care of garden by dressing and keep it. It means the first man  was given labour and work. From the beginning God has given everybody the gift of labour, that is, everyone has the ability to work whether you are abled or disabled. The labour/work is inside us.  Jesus said in John 5 vs 17, " my Father worketh hitherto, and I work”. If we call ourselves a follower of Christ we must follow His footstep. Labour/work is not a curse. Jesus worked, and so we must also work.

In 2 Thessalonians 3 vs 10-11 Apostle Paul commands that if any will not work, the person must not eat. So, Christianity is not encouraging laziness or idleness, indolence, slothfulness. We must not tolerate lack of job; you must start with something no matter how little so that you can a true follower of Christ.

References: Deuteronomy 28 vs 12, Deuteronomy 30 vs 9, 1 Thessalonians 4 vs 11, 2 Thessalonians 3 vs 10-11

How do I combine the gift of time with labor in order to fulfill my purpose? 

  1. Locate your purpose/your promise land /field
  2. Allocate specific time that you will invest into your chosen field every day- 3hrs, 6hrs (10,000 hour rule)
  3. Get a job that will give you time to pursue your purpose/ field of your assignment. The job should be temporary because it is not your purpose.

Why do I need job/ salary? 

  • to get money to keep body and soul together so that you will not be begging for money
  • to get experience / skill that will be necessary in fulfilling your assignment.
  1. Constantly reviewing your performance and keep on improving by learning, researching, studying, training until you become an expert

What are the benefits in your land of promise /place of your assignment 

Gen 2 vs 8

  1. Pleasant things will be happening to you 
  2. You will find fulfillment in life
  3. You will be exposed to unlimited opportunities 
  4. You will have access to unlimited resources; gold, good things
  5. If you are diligent, it will bring you wealth. Proverbs 10 vs 4
  6. Diligence in your field will give you financial freedom.  Proverbs 12 vs 24
  7. It will announce you to the whole world.  Proverbs 22 vs 29

Olayinka Abraham Oluseyi is a Pastor at Living Water Embassy  and head Retail Marketing at first bank of nigeria plc.

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