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You have gone to church again as you usually go every Sunday, heard the word of God and prayed, and God has so much blessed you also  but while God has done so much on Sunday, do you realize that God is still available on Monday, Tuesday and all through to Saturday.

How can your life on Sunday be different from your life on Monday, how can you be a saint on Sunday and a devil on Monday, How come our Sunday is so far from our Monday, How come who we look like on Sunday is so far from who we look like on Monday and every other day of the week, Every girl looks like an angel on Sunday and on Monday looks like a prostitute, the man looks like a Reverend on a Sunday and on Monday looks like a Yahoo boy, why this great disparity such that it’s even unwise to pick a wife or a husband on Sunday because everyone looks like a saint… Oh Lord who has done this to us, that we love you on Sunday but don’t care about you on Monday, is this the kind of faith our generation inherited or the one we have created by ourselves.

The tragedy is that within 2 to 3 hrs or even more in some churches that we spend on Sunday, God kickstarts a process, He starts some operations and workings in our life but on Monday we become unavailable for continuity until next Sunday, imagine building a house like that, when will the house get completed. You bring a block today and bring water in the next 14 days, then cement in the next 21days, till when will the house be built. Most times that is what we do with God and our life, we become available until the next 21 days to continue what he started so long ago..


Oh Lord help us bridge this disparity, this is not the life of the men of old, this is not the faith the Apostles died for, this is not what Jesus died for, Help is to bring our Sunday into Monday. Let our Sunday affect the decisions we make on Monday to Saturday and everyday of our life, Let is not be a Sunday alone Christian Lord, Let us indeed be an everyday Christian.

Let there be no difference between our words and attitudes on Sunday and on Wednesday or Friday or Saturday. Deliver us OH Lord.

By bro. Ilori Abiodun.

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