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It has been said again and again, that Nigeria is crucial in the end-time plan and purpose of God, on the earth and I sincerely believe it.

It has been said that the move of God Almighty on earth today is very strong in Nigeria. Some church growth experts claim that the move of God on earth is presently most strongly felt in Nigeria with;

• the largest church auditorium on earth in Nigeria.

• the largest number of evangelical students on earth are Nigerians.

• the largest crusades on earth hold in Nigeria.

• the largest prayer meeting on earth holds on a monthly basis in Nigeria.

• Nigeria has consistently recorded the second largest sales of the English Bible, in all the world, only next to the United States of America.

• Nigerian Christian believers are scattered all over the globe. They can be found in virtually every nation of the earth, many of them doing exploits for God, just as some of their unbelieving counterparts are busy with their frauds.


The church in Nigeria today is praying.


This is a recognized fact worldwide.

Heavy volumes of prayer ascend unto our God from millions of His children in Nigeria, by the hour. We pray about anything and everything, from the critical to the ridiculous, and our God is pleased, because His children are truly praying at the levels of their understanding, and are fellowshipping with Him day by day.

This is a major part of the wealth of the church of today in Nigeria.

In addition to this, never has the move of God reached all classes of the Nigerian society as it has today – from an Executive President, who openly confessed to be born again and whose first appointment in any given day was said to be a prayer meeting, to the peasant on the field, whose place of refuge and comfort is the altar of our God.


Never has the church in Nigeria been so rich in material stuff – from the larger-than-life cars of pastors competing for attention, to the beautiful edifices that men of God now live in, to the imposing cathedrals that are being built, numerous campsites that are being acquired, the hundreds of millions of naira being plunged into single events, to great institutions now being raised where billions of naira are being invested by the church of the living God.


Without any doubt, this is the golden age of opportunity for the church in Nigeria.

Yes, I agree that we are not anywhere near where we should be yet, but we must gratefully acknowledge the day of our visitation, recognizing that God is at work in our nation today like never before in her history, blessing His church in amazing ways.


As a corollary to this, the time has come for us to settle down, think and strategize about the future of the church – on purpose. The time has come for us to decide not just to flaunt these blessings, declaring them worldwide to fan the flame of our nationalistic pride.

The time has come to say NO to the temptation of bringing the blessings of God upon us to the ridiculous level of judging ourselves by the sizes of our cars, homes, or congregation or what have you.

The time has come to realize that what we drive is not half as important as what drives us.

While we enjoy the bounties of heaven and the profits of the earth, we must always bear in mind that the wealth of this earth is meant to spread abroad the city of our God.

We need now to soberly, responsibly decide to fully harness these resources of the church, and purposefully apply them to create a great church of tomorrow, full of the Holy Ghost and power, fulfilling God’s plan and purpose for the earth.


We need to know that to whom much is given, much is expected.

We should act purposefully like the sons of Issachar, with a clear understanding of the time, knowing what Israel ought to do.

We should see the blessing of the Lord God of heaven, our Father, upon the Nigerian church as a call to a worldwide, aggressive, apostolic, missionary work that will fulfill the desire of the heart of God our Father, and make the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our God and of His Christ, that He may reign for ever.


We salute those who are treading this path.

We call them to be increasingly focused in doing what they have been doing without relenting, while urging all others to follow their worthy examples.


GOD Bless us all.

Culled from my book: The future of the Church in Nigeria. (Available on Amazon Kindle and Okada Books)

I encourage you to read this book to get a full understanding of this pressing topic and the way forward.

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Francis Wale Oke

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